Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Kerry the Liberal Jihadist is an Unwitting Suicide Bomber

As a physician, a Catholic and as a parent
I know that life begins at conception. As a Medical
Doctor I know that the promising medical treatments
with regard to stem cells have come from adult and
placental stem cells not embryonic stem cells.
Furthermore the treatments are at least 50 years away
and in addition to every other hurdle the issue of
tissue rejection will need to be overcome. Yet Kerry
and Edwards imply that with their election a cure to
paralysis, diabetes and neurodegenerative diseases are
around the corner.
Embryonic Stem cell research is like having your home
looted while you're sleeping and then being executed by
the looters as they leave. The embryonic babies are killed when
you remove their cells. Why are we killing these
embryonic babies? We want their cells! Isn't that
looting? Compounding this biologic rape is the
inevitable murder of this embryonic life.
I would prefer to die than to receive a donor organ
from my beautiful daughter if that was the only
option for me to live. My 47 years of life have been
blessed with good health so if I die tomorrow so be
it. I'm certainly not going to extend my life and
compromise hers by getting one of her organs. What
right do we have to kill embryonic babies? In addition,
Kerry supports late term abortion even though he thinks
its wrong. This brutal practice suctions out the
child's brain through an incision made at the base of
the skull. In any civilization this is called infanticide!
Kerry vows to only appoint Judges to the federal
bench which will uphold these crimes against humanity.
He does not stand for anything that I know to be
noble and honorable. As a Catholic he is a Fraud and
as a husband he is a "kept man!" He had nothing good to
say about his wife during the last debate other than
to acknowledge his wife's vast fortune when he admitted
he "married up"! I guess he "married up" twice because
his first wife who was also wealthy was traded in

for a more deluxe model after her depression became
too much of a burden. Nice guy!
He lacks a shred of chivalry when it comes to the
rescue of Muslim Damsels distressed in their burkas.
He is not worthy of his moniker JFK, whom he likes to
invoke, nor is he heir to "Camelot" when it comes to a
vision of how to deal with radical Islamofacism. He
is an unwitting suicidal liberal jihadist whose naivete

regarding the murderous mentality of these radical muslims
will get us killed! Wnwittingly Mr. Kerry's is killing
his very own soul, which now hangs in the balance due
to his support of this country's wholesale slaughter of
the unborn. He is not the bold "PT 109 skipper" for he
neither possesses the daring nor the spine to get us
through the War on Terror. Kerry quoted the bible
in the last debate. Well I will too, "But what would it
profit a man to gain the whole world if he loses his
soul in the process"(Matt16:26). Bad news for this
chameleon has been announced by the Roman Catholic
Church. Political ambition has blinded this smooth
talkin' man. The Church has informed the public that because
he supports the destruction of life and is an advocate for

this "culture of death", he no longer is in communion
with the Church. This folks, is not a good half time score for
the status of this man's soul. Kerry would be well
advised to reconsider what he's supporting and I
pray that for the sake of his soul, he will have a change of
heart, and come to recognize the horror of these atrocities and
his tragic complicity in them. Sadly, at this time
I must admit that I have to agree with Lynne Cheney who
has succintly stated that this fellow Catholic, Mr. Kerry
"is not a good man!" It is this simple yet profound assessment
of Mr. Kerry that prohibits me from supporting his candidacy
for the highest office on our land....
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Thanks Francis X. Yubero


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You are right on!

5:11 PM, October 21, 2004  
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