Thursday, April 21, 2005

Short Line cook Voinovich

Mr. Voinovich: Get out of my "Kitchen"! You are a disgrace to the great state of Ohio. I grew up in Mansfield, and went to Kenyon College, graduate school at Ohio State and graduated from Wright State University. I'm a Buckeye thru and thru. My father, Gerard L.Yubero, M.D. was nominated as an outstanding naturalized citizen by Governor Celeste in the centennial celebration of the Statue of Liberty in Columbus in 1985. You are a DISGRACE to all Ohioians. You are a TRAITOR to me and all Ohioians. This "interpersonal skills Kitchen test" is a JOKE! The United Nations is a corrupt and inept body which is used as a forum to attack and obstruct our great Nation. I'm am so ashamed of you and will not vote for you. Aren't you Polish? You are a disgrace to our Late Great John Paul II. The Pope wouldn't back down. Mr. Bolton is a brave and principled American who would represent our interests in the UN. Are you buddies with that corrupt phony Kofi Annan? Pull the tail out from in between you legs and stand up to those rumor mongers Kerry, Boxer and Biden. Be a man be a Republican be a Buckeye! Francis Yubero, M.D.


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