Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Judge Roberts goes to Washington

Hugh: Hi there! Thanks for taking my call...What I really wanted to say on air was that after every storm there is a glorious Sunrise and John Roberts is that Sunrise after the devastation of Katrina on the Gold Coast. He is the embodiment of that metaphor and is having that kind of an impact on the Senate Confirmation hearings. The Schumer Biden Lahey gang are like Vampires shunning the Rays of Sun because of the rays purity and its effect on their skin and souls! He is so humble as he voices his solid and straight forward answers. He has a cinema like charm that just jumps off the television. Tell Schumer to give up the ghost of Senator McCarthy and McCarthyism. I'm reminded of the movie Mr. Smith goes to Washington. This Man Roberts is Luminescent like a 1000 watt ballpark bulb. He is humble and modest in his tone but his words are resounding because of their wisdom and intelligence. Goodness oozes from this telegenic and articulate man. Judge Roberts' story is Reaganesque in an inside out sort of way as his drama is a real life "Mr. Smith goes to Washington"! Its so striking to see the humility of Judge Roberts as he faces the vitriol of the Left which mirrors the humility of President Bush as he takes responsibility for the weak and incompetent governmental response in NOLA when in all reality the blame belongs to the local and state government and not the
federal. What a contrast these two good men demonstrate in stark contrast to the snarling democrats and left leaning "Has Been" media!
Francis X. Yubero, M.D.


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