Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Pravda on the Potomac and Diane Sawyer the Great of TASS

The Diane Sawyer interview with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on ABC news yesterday am was enlightening.  The Paleolithic MSM propaganda machine steers the public in the direction they want.  How can they give this totalitarian dynastic regime legitimacy and air his anti-Bush anti-American remarks?  Of course because it supports their Anti-Bush and Anti-War agenda.  If you haven't you ought to take a look see for yourself as it is provides an educational deconstruction on how the Left and the media manipulate their audience. Here is the link.  Liberals truly do seem to be enamored with Dictators and give them soft ball interviews making them seem like warm and fuzzy Teddy bears.  Diane Sawyer, the overpaid reporter ask this Fascist Dictator Assad who was behind the murder of Lebanese Premier Rafik Hariri
  • Sawyer: The Americans, of course, would say that they are not the occupying force, that they are in fact a force trying to regain security so that American forces can go home.
  • Assad: Militarily, yes. But politically, no, because they are responsible for the political situation and they haven't embarked any policy inside Iraq here. They only talk about sending more troops or less troops. They only talk about troops and power, not about political process.
  • Sawyer: One of the things that Americans have been told is that Syria wants to fuel the fire and then put the fire out at the same time. And we are told that one of the reasons that there are violent insurgents in Iraq is that they're able to come through 376-mile border and that you give permission for terrorists to come down through the border into Iraq.
    Assad: First of all, they have to stop looking for scapegoats and whipping boys, this administration. And there's a logical answer: We cannot stoke the fire and then extinguish it. If you stoke it, it will burn you. So if we have this chaos in Iraq, it will spill over to Syria and to other countries, so saying this, like saying that the Syrian government is working against the Syrian interest, this is impossible.
  • Sawyer: Describe the current President Bush to me in your view.
    Assad: I'd rather give objective view. … I've never met him personally to describe him, but what I know about this issue that this administration, in general, are not interested in peace at all. This administration is not willing to achieve peace. They don't have the will, and they don't have the vision. This is, in brief, what I know about this administration not about the president in particular
I am so amazed at the Sawyer/Assad interview.  Truly Bashar al-Assad sounds like the Democrats and those GOP Senators who have jumped ship on the inane resolution condemning General Patraeus's plan after they gave him a unanimous conformation.  Here are key excerpts to contemplate and I think worthy of readers' contemplation.  Here one her hard ball question
Diane: Do you have an Ipod
Bashar: yes
Diane:  what is on it?
Why not ask him about the beloved Premier Hariri, Hard Ball Reporter Sawyer?
These legislators are truly wrong way wootens and lead by the nose of the misguided Tokyo Rose Paleolithic Journalists.  In the tradition of Walter Cronkite, today's MSM journalists have pied pipered our national legislators who for the most part go along with them!  Don't believe me read or listen to Mark Halperin ABC New Political Director
  • In this country, we've got these old news organizations, the major networks, ABC, where you [O'Reilly] used to work, the New York Times, the Washington Post. These organizations have been around a long time, and for 40 years conservatives have looked with suspicion at them. I think we've got a chance in these last two weeks to prove to conservatives that we understand their grievances, we're going to try to do better, but these organizations still have incredible sway, and conservatives are certain that we're going to be out to get them. We've got to fix that."
Way to go Professors of Journalism in US schools and Wally Cronkite! A free press is not supposed to act like a capitalistic version of Pravda which Russians knew they could not believe.   It is a shame that the Fourth Estate has about as much objective news as Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union or Telegrafnoe Agentstvo Sovetskogo Soyuza (TASS in Russian) did.  The Free Press vis a vis the MSM has become an anacrohnism and now the Democrats what to do away with Talk Radio by implementing the Fairness Doctrine.   Diane Sawyer and the worthless interview with Assad is the Propaganda we'll get.....

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow ... You are soooooooo CRAZY!!! The Diane Sawyer interview was real journalism nothing like the rotgut trash on Fox. She asked meaningful questions as well as the usual trivial questions. She got a Syrian response.. how that is left wing journalism is beyond me. You are just downright wacko crazy. GW has all his press conference questions given to him ahead of time so he can get his 'team' to think for him and give pat meaningless answers and ensure he is never taken off guard by the questions. He actually has to approve the questions before they can be asked... so much for democracy in this country. That fact that Sawyer did not attack Assad is I guess what bothers you, but I hardly expected her to attack the leader of another country. She asked some good questions, some bad questions and let him answer. I guess for you that is leftwing journalism. As far as Assad being behind an assassination... well if true that is abominable.. but then you have to have the same standard for the US if you are so morally outraged.. hmmmm.. how many people did the US help assassinate.. Chile, Iraq (to get Saddam in power), Iran ... the list is longer. You should be just as morally outraged when the US is involved in such plots.... but I guess your one-sided narrow minded thinking somehow thinks it is ok when 'we' do it in other countries.

7:49 AM, February 07, 2007  

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