Monday, March 12, 2007

The Sean hannity and Catholic Priest Prize Fight!....

 The Sean Hannity vs  Fr. Thomas Euteneur Prize Fight dates back to Tues-Wed last week
when the Priest sent an email newsletter out to his friends/supporters and commented on a supercilious comment made by Sean on eating Meat on Friday.  Sean mistakenly made a mistake and eat part of chicken sandwich.  When he remembered it was a Lenten Friday he stopped.  Of course this was not a sin but an innocent mistake.  However Sean made a Grand Apology on the Air and it sounded well, overblown and shallow.  The Priest used this incident to make a bigger point on Abortion and the way Catholics of all stripes are uninformed about the Gravity of Abortion.  Given the Prominence of Sean Hannity and other public Catholics like Kennedy, Peolosi, Kerry and Giuliani, the Priest made a very important point on Abortion.  With 69 million Catholics in America and the fact that a large number of them vote the Democratic Ticket and the recent You Tube Giuliani video supporting Abortion this issue has been brought to the fore.  Catholics of all stripes need to get the Abortion issue right. 
Unfortunately Sean, who is a very big fish in the Talk Show Industry and is a big advocate of Birth Control and abortion in rape and if the mother's health is an issue.  This represents a slippery slope and I agree with the Priest who comments that Sean Hannity should be a scrupulous on Abortion as he is on the minor issue of eating meat on Fridays during Lent.  The Catholic Church handled the Abuse scandal in an abominable way and has not gotten a pass for it and is paying thru the nose for it.  However, the teachings of the Roman Catholic on Abortion is spot on!  Sean Hannity and Catholic Politicians need to wake up and get this issue right.
Even Mark Steyn indicates that the negative population growth rate in Europe has doomed that Continent.  The Adage that "God writes straight with crooked lines"  applies here.  69 million Catholic voters in American need to get this issue right.  Given the National Attention that the Hannity debate and Giuliani tape has placed on the Abortion issue I hope the Catholic leaders, Bishops and local parish Priest step up to the plate and instruct their flocks.  I am glad this happened because this the issue of our time and the existence of America depends on it!
Here is the video of this show down and here is more from Roman Catholic Blog on this debate
Dominus Vobiscum 

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