Thursday, April 19, 2007

Liviu Librescu is an American Prometheus a Professor of Life...indeed author of Librescu's List!

Prometheus steals the fire from Zeus while the god rests with Ganymedes
Liviu Librescu, an Israeli aeronautics engineering Prof was born in 1930 so he was a 10 year old during the Nazi reign of Horror and Terror.  He recognized the face of Evil he saw when a child and as an Old Man he took it on Mano a Mano... Mano a Gun.  What a Man what a Super Hero!
Liviu Librescu remined me of the Anthony Hopkins character in Meet Joe Black  challenges the personification of Death portrayed Brad Pitt's character.  Joe Black arrives to take Anthony but falls for his beautiful daughter Susan.  Anthony chastises Death who flirts with his daughter.  However this is no movie but the terror of life and this Aging Professor challenges the personification of Evil and stops him from killing his students.  Again Professor Librescu recognized the face and eyes of Evil he met when a child and as an Old Man, a grandfather he wrestled with Evil.  What a Spirit! A Spirit Americans needs to call forth today in the struggles of our time.
  • From Israel Insider:  A 75-year-old Israeli professor and Holocaust survivor was killed in the massacre at Virginia Tech on Holocaust Memorial Day, Monday when he leaped between the gunner and his students.

    According to eye witnesses the heroic action of Liviu Librescu, a lecturer in the Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics, saved the lives of an unknown number of students in his class. Asael Arad, an Israeli Virginia Tech student told Army Radio that "all the students lived -- because of him," The Jerusalem Post reported.

    Librescu's wife told the NRG Web site that her husband had loved his job with "all his heart and his soul."

This Romanian, Israeli and America Man and Engineering Professor became Prometheus when he challenged the Cowardly and Hateful KILLER Cho whose disgusting Robert DeNiro Taxi Driver diatribe is seething with self-loathing pity and hate.  A sage Grandfather squashed you like the failure of a bug that you were, Cho!.....
  • Prometheus brought the flame from the Olympus to the people, against the will of Zeus. People's knowledge then had not yet developed. They did not know of the course of the stars and the cause of the seasons, nor did they know about construction. They could not wield the power of fire either.
    Prometheus (he, who looks ahead) was an innovative Greek god and became their first Professor of Engineering. He taught them to manage fire, to observe the stars, to sail the seas, to bake bricks and to build houses. Prometheus also taught the people to esteem the beauty of nature
This Noble Professor became a true Titan by stealing the "fire" of a Gun from a Monster of Hate who embodied Evil not with a "stalk of Fennel" but by his Courage and the strength left in his aging Mortal Body.  Librescu is a Titan whose award and crown of Glory awaits him in the Pantheon of Heaven with his Creator.  Like Prometheus "the chains"  of death like the chains Zeus used to hold the Titan, Prometheus, will be removed by your Creator.
Heracles  sets Prometheus 1 free
Well done, Liviu Librescu good, faithful and BRAVE Titan servant of God.  Schindler's list should be an Inspiration for Librescu's List.  I hope those students get the sames of evey student the Professor saved and go to their Virginia Tech Administrators and ask thme to build a monument to Professor Librescu.   
Honor him and build this man a Statue for the Ages, young Men and Women of Librescu, at Virginoa Tech!  I honor you Son of Man and Soul of created by God...Thank you for saving those young people in your Charge.  You embody the concept of Nobility Professor Liberace.  
You are a Hubermann a true Super-Hero, a Man of Substance!
RIP Sir Liviu Librescu

Professor Liviu Librescu

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