Thursday, October 21, 2004

Letter to President Bush

Dear Mr. President:
I must admit that while I have supported you I never quite understood your strategy for fighting terror until your plan came into focus. However I had to really do my homework and I think many Americans have not fully comprehended the full scope of this plan and your vision. Spawning grounds for terrorism are located in underdeveloped nations whose poverty, anemic economies and despotically authoritative domination isolate them far from the crossroads where emerging nations are active players in global commerce and international dialog. Often these regions are further isolated by religious fundamentalism and its xenophobic practices. What your administration has discerned is that the Middle Eastern Policy in place since the end of World War I has been one of supporting Western friendly tyrannical dictators at the expense of democratic reforms and to the impoverishment of its people has failed. This failure and the stifling isolation of these countries has allowed for the blossoming of radical islamofascism whose religious objective is to hijack the Muslim World, transport it back in time to a Medieval Era where a Sharia Judicial System is the law of the land and the concept of democracy is nonexistent.
This frightening movement has an imperialistic ambition to expand beyond its boundaries and take over the west as well. Unlike Hitler's and Stalin's imperialistic lust which were undisguised, this dangerous islamofascism is insidious and has infiltrated our own society working towards our demise and with its goal, the collapse of western civilization. The enemy is patient and diabolical in its use of the marvels of modernity, turning them into instruments of destruction to try and overthrow our system and way of life. The use of box cutters and completely fueled planes as weapons to target the pillars of our society by striking at the heart of our financial system, the nerve center of our military and the attempted decapitation of our government has made you realize that the 90 year old world strategy in the Middle East has failed and this was the moment to change the direction this region of the world is headed. Mr. President your approach is consistent with the tradition of all great American Leaders. It is bold and springs forth from the well of democracy which inspired the founding fathers of our nation and gave birth to that "shining city on the hill."
The seed of your insightful vision is delineated in your belief and proclamation that "democracy is transformational in nature." Sir, this is enlightened and has been the inspiration giving substance to your REVOLUTIONARY strategy which will set a new course in this troubled part of the world and has the potential to change the trajectory of history for generations to come. Just like the French in the person of General Lafayette and the Spanish through the efforts of General Galvez helped the American Colonial Army defeat the British so you and our armed forces are supporting those freedom starved citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan. This approach is so Inspired and Sublime that it eludes the electorate which is myopic and the elite of the west who are so weighed down by the loftiness of their own misguided although well intentioned liberal ideals of self righteousness, political correctness, diplomatic protocol and long held traditions. Please explain to us and put into simple words your enlightened vision. Help us understand your rational for exporting an "American styled Revolution" to the places where islamofascism has taken root and from were it is springing forth and invading the west. The fruits of the old policies have reaped death and destruction brought about by the Jihadist terrorist cells installed throughout the civilized world. Your opponent claims you have no new ideas and he is blinded to your revolutionary application of lessons learned by your understanding of history. Japan, Germany, and Italy the former countries intoxicated by totalitarian ambitions of a generation ago are among the most successful democracies of our generation because of American intervention.
Revolutionary conflicts are costly and any student of history will remember that the Post War World II occupation of Germany and Japan lasted over 7 years and was bloody difficult. Please remind the public that the Post War II occupation of Germany was undermined by the resistance offered by the Werewolves(wehrwolfe) or German Resistance Guerrillas, made up of former Hitler SS and Hitler Youth, who among others assassinated the Allied appointed mayor Franz Oppenhoff in Aachen Germany. The truth is that the Werewolf provided significant military impediment to the occupiers and delayed economic reconstruction and democratization by three or four years. Because of the Werewolves, Americans and soldiers were killed after peace treaties were signed in Germany. Tremendous cultural hurdles existed and had to be overcome in both Germany and Japan. The ingrained mentality of Nazism and its effect on the German people and the Emperor dominated Deity complex of the Japanese were huge problems. These people had cultural imprinting as powerful as those of the radical islamofascist we're fighting in the middle east. South Korea is another poignant example of American success in supporting and fueling the Democratic ambitions of a group of people.
After 911 you did not cow nor did you adopt the appeasement policies of Neville Chamberlain which failed to keep Hitler's aspirations in check. You defied the international community's conventional wisdom that ongoing inspections would be a viable solution to the immediate world consensus that Iraq had WMD and realized that at best it would be a short term solution incapable of sustaining security for future generations. President Reagan had the vision and strength of conviction to steer clear from the tired status quo of detente and broke away from the conventional wisdom and changed the course of history. It was Reagan's vision and policies which allowed for the possibility of the solidarity movement in Poland that helped ignite a grass root movement in eastern Europe which peacefully brought down the Iron Curtain. Please proclaim to the country that an American Styled Revolution in the Middle East will cause a political shift that could mirror the phenomenon of solidarity and the effect it had in Europe in their own region. The current tired strategy in the Middle East has failed and threatens to accelerate its free fall into medieval Islamic totalitarianism and darkness but a democratic Iraq and Afghan will be the catalyst for change in the Middle East. The US lead coalition and invasion is fostering and supporting the Middle Eastern George Washingtons, Benjamin Franklins, Thomas Jeffersons, Thomas Paynes, Lech Valensa and Vatslav Havel of this region to rise to the challenge and lead their country into democracy. Teach the public that men like Kanan Makiya, Hamid Karzi and Iyad Allawi and others are the equivalent of our founding fathers. They are brave and love their countries but didn't have the resources to start a revolution and needed our support.
Its obvious that we can't drain all the swamps that breed these radical Muslim terrorists but by fostering a democratic people that will prosper allows for a middle class to develop. The fruits of this freedom and prosperity will help decrease the lure of masses to the swamps transforming them into gardens. Turkey, a Muslim country with secular government, which will soon join the EU is proof positive of your vision. Mr. President this represents my intellectual journey to an understanding of your administration's vision and it strikes me as the most inspired doctrine to emanate from our country since the inception of our republic. You don't need to defend your plan just spell it out and share this enlightened strategy with the American public and the common sense folk will see its majesty. Please explain to us and put into simple words your inspired vision. Tell the country how this revolutionary and bold change of course has the potential to bring about a quantum leap forward in the democratization of these troubled regions of the world. Kerry and the democrats don't get it, and I think the nuance of your vision is over the heads of the general public.
Mr. President please enlighten us! Help crystallize your vision of this daring course and underscore for us that you and your administration challenge our country to boldly steer foreign policy towards a lasting solution in the Middle East. The goal is to help the countries and people join the world stage as vibrant players and active members of the world community. I think many people, myself included, struggled with the rationale for invading Iraq. The disappointment over not finding WMD should not blind us to the reality of the impeding world wide doom unless we can solve the Islamic Jihad Threat. This is even more profound given the recently uncovered UN complicity with Saddam making Kerry's foreign policy bankrupt, so thank God you have gotten rid of that madman. I intuitively understood that if democracy could take hold in the Middle East it might change the political paradigm and could convince myself that the invasion was right thing to do. However It wasn't until I read Thomas Barnett's Pentagon's New Map that I realized the scope of your administrations plan and that it was brilliant. The only thing missing is a larger international system administration force which the UN cronies don't understand.
Slate magazine's Christofer Hitchens, Tom Freidman who as you know are not right wingers, support your premise and helped to open my mind. Mr. President it should not have been left wing liberals that opened my mind. It has got to be you, Sir and I think this zero's in on my point that your administration has not spelled it out clearly enough for us. It is not marketing this vision of yours. Your ideas, these authors' interpretations and superimposing them on history allowed me to realize the grand scale of your plan. I think Americans don't understand or have insight into your vision. You're a Harvard Business School Graduate and need to market your ideas better so that all of us get on board. Your use of talking points and sound bites is not good enough to get the plan and it brilliant nuances across. Parts of the message is getting through but I'd like to suggest that you educate us about this strategy. Draw the public into this dream and vision of yours. You need to bring into focus this visionary plan of yours which has the potential to change the course of history.
Mr. President just talk to us and but into context the historical reality of your vision. Paint the landscape of your Revolutionary vision with bold strokes on the canvases of are hearts and minds. Ignite in our imaginations the dream you hold for us and the world. Tell us about the free elections in El Salvador 20 years ago in the face of war to refute those that complain that elections in Iraq won't be representative. Remind us about elections in the US during and after the Civil War when many states didn't participate. Once again we need to be reminded of tell previous post war difficulties we encountered. Yes, your opponent is right, we can't invade 60 countries where Al Qaeda exist but we can give them the gift of freedom and help support a middle class which in the long run will attract more recruits that that Glorified Death Jihadist Movement. Tell us that 14 armed conflicts in the world today are of the Muslim variety. You're a business man please sell your enlightened vision and even your opponent JK will vote you. JK is a peacenik of the 60's and wants to "make love not war!" Just like he voted against Reagan's defense programs which changed the course of history, he now wants to do away with bunker buster nukes. JK's common sense, if he has any, is dominated by his recalcitrant devotion to his liberal philosophy and devotion to the UN( he should be the president of the UN not the US). So blind is JK that he undermines the war on terror by campaigning against it in Australia and England, allies who have fought at our side in every major international conflict the US has been involved in going back to WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam. This borders on sedition. History and tradition are on your side Mr. President but most of America doesn't know this. Give us your best Business School Marketing Pitch. Mr. President YOU MUST WIN! Don't let that slick talkin' appeaser, JK, out market you and sell America his mortal snake oil... Future generations depend on it. You and Blair are the FDR and Chruchill of our time as we face a new and cunning enemy whose insidious tactics are unlike those ever faced by the free world! If your plan works perhaps this world could be that "Brilliant Star shining in the Cosmos" Thanks for listening and God Bless you.....

Francis Yubero, M.D.> Check it out Hitchens is more eloquent fhan yours truly


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