Thursday, April 21, 2005

Republican Pansies

Sen. John McCain, (R - AZ), Sen. Lamar Alexander, (R - TN), Sen. Lincoln Chafee, (R - RI), Sen. Susan Collins, (R - ME), Sen. Chuck Hagel, (R - NE), Sen. Olympia Snowe, (R - ME), Sen. John Sununu, (R - NH), Sen. John Warner, (R - VA), are all acting like pansies and failing to represent we the people who voted in this Republican dominated Executive and Legislative Banches of our Democratic Republic. The Re-POOP-licans are rolling over because of the harsh words and tones being used by Plug Head Biden, Lurch Kerry, Douche Mouthed Dodd, and Simpleton Boxer! If it weren't for Rush Limbaugh and all of his conservative talk show offspring Traitorous Kerry would be President of our great Country. Most of the Democrats except those from the Lieberman Wing should go to work for Toffee A None at the United KNAVES. Its was the New Media in the form of Talk Radio, Blogosphere and Cable News that boxed the Liberal Dominated MSM into a corner. It was the Traditional American Electorate that slayed the Liberal Medusa of our age. We want TRADITIONAL and sensible Judges to be raised to the Federal Bench NOW! We are tired of the ACLU types running our courts and letting free the Rapists, Child Molesters who then murder our future by killing our Children! We are tired of rights being given to TERRORISTS being held in our jails. We are tired of JUDICIAL LEGISLATION being practiced by Federal Judges. We need Constitutional JUDGES not World Court Judges. We need REPUBLICAN Senators and Congressmen to represent us their constituents and quit worrying about Democrats. Pull of the GLOVES boys and girls or your days in Politics are numbered! Francis X. Yubero, M.D.


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