Tuesday, September 20, 2005

John D's Kerry On

Deer in the headlights Johnnie Fool-not so Bright Carry On(Kerry): Hey Senator not so smart Carry On how about becoming a checker! Logan International Airport baggage service needs YOU! Why can't you keep your negative and simplistic views on your President and on my President to yourself. Your speech regarding the Katrina Hurricane was D and F grade material! At least your are consistent with your academic record at Yale. Your insults remind me of Drive By Shootings except the bullets you use are verbal slanders and the gang your belong to is the Party of the Liberal Democrats and you are their donkey mascot. You are such a phony and I thank the Good Lord everyday that you could not beat President Bush, the man you called an "Idiot" per Newsweek! Oh maybe Newsweek made a mistake as they are prone to do. Isn't it funny that with the Mainstream Media in your camp you still could not beat the President. You claim it was close, well isn't that the story of your life! You are a phony and a lousy student 5D's at Yale! Ha Ha! Have fun living off of rich women and the US Tax payor! Your initials should be changed to John D. Kerry in honor of your grades! Oh yes I always wanted to compliment you on your ski picture with the smiley face/sunflower button... You and your party Lost and therefore we don not care what you people thing. You are such a LOSER! My family and I are real JFK Democrat, as in Jack Kennedy a true Navy stud!
Francis X. Yubero, M.D.
Hey S.O.S.(Stuck on Stupid) Sign form 180 if you're really such a Hero! The Globe and Krannish your Boston Globe biographer and his editing of your record fools nobody...."what isn't in the record?" is the real question that the Lie to the Press host and former Mario Cumo aid Tim Russert should have asked!


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