Monday, April 24, 2006

Sorry but I'm not who I pretended to be!

Mr. Hugh Hewitt and the Hugh Hewitt Staff: I was moved by Mr. Hewitt's on air genuine confession and truth disclosure dealing with who the HH Show's principals are in true life. I got my wake up call after learnig of LA Crimes'(oops Times') Pulitzer Prize winning "journalist" Michael Hiltzik getting busted for autoposting on the commment section of his Times' blog using a psuedonym. This story broke on the Hugh Hewitt Show and I learned of this on the "Best Of" this past weekend, after returning from a week long inner tube trip down the Cuyahoga River (I didn't really go on a Disney Cruise). I was so impressd that now I feel compelled to come clean especially if you are to continue reading my emails and blog. I'm not really a Medical Doctor, I'm an Orderly! To see the real me Click here
to see this pic

I'm not really the Son of Legal Naturalized US Citizens from the historically important country of Spain but an illegal border insurectionist from The Republic of Equatorial Guinea and a seminar talk show caller. My home land is one of the smallest countries in Africa on the equator. It borders Cameroon, Gabon and the Gulf of Guinea. Formerly the Spanish colony of Spanish Guinea, the country's territory (continentally known as Río Muni) includes a number of islands, including the island of Bioko where the capital, Malabo (formerly Santa Isabel), is located. It is the only country in Africa where Spanish is an official language, excluding the Spanish enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla and the non-recognized Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic.

My first name is not Francis but really Pancho and I return to Southern California weekly not to perform Sports Medicine Procedures on Athletes but to moonlight at USC were I pick up extra cash doing maintenance on their Patient Gurneys! I'm not really a Powder Tracks Skier

but I won a couple food tray pseudo-sled races at Boston Mills "Ski Resort" in Cleveland, Ohio where my Dad was a Patient Gurney Maintenance Mechanic at the Cleveland Clinic in the 1960's. Sorry I lied to you but I just really wanted to get nominated as blogger of the week so I could win a Crosley Solo Radio! Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention I did stay at the Holiday Express Hotel once!

Lo Siento, Pancho Yubero
P.S. don't call me Doc anymore please feel free to call me Scut Monkey(derogative term for the lowest grunts on the medical treating totem pole. Just give Mr. Generalissimo's address and your verdict and I'll return the Crosley....


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