Sunday, April 09, 2006

Calling for a Benito Juárez Day in North America to Free the Hispanics of Mexico, Central & South America

How ironic that on April 10, 1919 the Mexican Revolutionary, Emiliano Zapata(Viva Zapata) whose moto was "Land and Freedom," was shot to death by the Mexican Government and today a half million strong demonstration of Hispanics march for rights in Dallas. It is depressing to consider the fact that the only Country of the Americas where Hispanics have freedom to demonstrate is in the United States of America. This elemental political right is impotent in Mexico, Central and South America! Dallas was truly surreal today.... how can illegal aliens demand legal rights in a country where they are not citizens with such conviction ? I'm calling for a DEMONSTRATION here in the USA at Mexican Consulates across our Country to invoke the spirit of two term Mexican President Benito Juárez whose famous quote "True peace between individuals is analogous to that which exist between nations and is only possible when each other's rights are respected." This quote is inscribed on the State Flag of Oaxaca, Mexico. A Benito Juárez Day at Mexican Consulates throughout the USA would demonstrate our solidarity with the oppressed people and our friends South of the Border. We citizens of the USA call upon Mexican and other Central and South American Countries to reform their governmental systems and liberate their own citizens so that they do not have to flee illegally to the USA.

Hopefully invoking the memory of the Benito Juárez, who is considered to be the Abraham Lincoln of Mexico, will bring about the completion of the Revolutions spear headed by these two Mexican heroes. A march of this sort could bring pressure to bear on these corrupt and elitist governments to provide the liberties that these poor people are seeking in the USA because they are impossible to obtain in their own lands. Let their countries' of origin do the right thing as modern day esteem Peruvian economist, Hernando de Soto, calls for:

  • De Soto explains that because the ruling class of the Hispanic World doesn't provide the legal venues and mechanisms necessary for asset ownership and collateral to serve as an engine of enterprise or as de Soto describes as a vast hidden process that connects all these assets to the rest of the economy. Obviously he is referring to lenders and creditors currently out reach to the little people and available only to the elite and well connected.

Benito Juárez's spirit is reminiscent of civil rights leader, Martin Luther King Jr., who galvanized the oppressed African-Americans of 40 years ago. I propose a peaceful Selma-esque march on Mexican Consulates. Hopefully exercising this first amendment right will impact our South of the Border Governments and change history for the Hispanic as it did here for Afican-Americans in the USA. Since May 1st is Labor Day in Mexico & the USA, lets send these South American Governments a message of compassion asking them to free their citizens from the need to flee to the USA. Let these countries imitate the USA and become the home of the brave and land of the FREE! Viva Zapata! Viva Benito! Viva Hispanics! and USA is #1!


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