Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Gov. John Huntsman want to be Senator McCain's V.P.

I believe my buddy Mangled Cat's Post lightning fast post regarding Gov. John Huntsman Jr endorsing the Senator John McCain Ticket for President means that he could be his Vice Presidential running mate for 2008. McCain is worried about Gov. Mitt Romney and wants to neutralize the Mormon and Conservative vote by bringing the Utah Chief Execuetive on board! Additionally the Utah Gov. has exprience in Asian matters from his days in the Reagan Administration. Additionally he speaks fluent Mandarin and has adopted a Chinese Child! In fact the missles Hezballah is using are Chinese Silk Worm Missles tweaked by the Iranians. Thus, after the Middle East the next most important troubled spot for the USA is China and Korea! Gov. Huntsman would be a good Political Chess Move for Senator McCain. Additionally my wife reminds me that Gov. Romney is somewhat murky/evolving when it comes to the abortion issue. Who's vote to yoy think McCain wants to split? Hello Mr. V.P Huntman Jr.....

  • from CBS News last Month. I was not aware of Gov. Romney coming to Utah twice. I knew he went to Arizona but I did not know they had a big Mormon Population to!

More Excerpts follow:

  • Within seven days, the Republican made two appearances in Utah, including one on Monday, tapping fellow Mormons and those who liked his work running the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.

    He visited Michigan, the state where he was born and where his father, George, served as governor in the 1960s. Romney also visited California, a virtual ATM for presidential candidates, where he has been cultivating wealthy donors in conservative Orange County.

    And this past weekend, the Massachusetts governor delivered a speech in Arizona, home to a politically active Mormon population and Sen. John McCain, the Republican front-runner for the nomination.

  • Gov. Huntsman was deputy assistant secretary of commerce for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, as well as U.S. ambassador to Singapore (the youngest U.S. ambassador in a century). He is fluent in Mandarin. He also served as a deputy U.S. trade representative and U.S. trade ambassador under President George W. Bush. He is a 1st term Governor and is not up for re-election until 2008. Given his fluency in Mandarin and the China predicament today is he trying to get himself into the running for the VP spot on a McCain ticket? He has also adopted a child from China! He attended the University of Utah and graduated with a bachelor's degree from the University of Pennsylvania. So he is an Ivy League grad also.
  • But the largest single donor from Utah is billionaire philanthropist Jon Huntsman Sr., who has given $128,500, according to the most current filings in four states and the federal government reviewed by the Morning News.

What Happened to that neighborly support from a member of the CHURCH? Could it be a better offer?....

  • Channel 2 Kutv in SLC:
    "On the list of contributors giving at least $3,000 are former Jazz star Karl Malone, Deseret Book CEO Sheri Dew, former ambassador and developer John Price, billionaire businessman James Sorenson and Holladay Mayor Dennis Webb.

    Utah billionaire philanthropist Jon Huntsman Sr., father of Utah's governor, is the largest single contributor. He's given $128,500, the most recent disclosure records show.

    Other large Utah donors include Blake Roney, the head of NuSkin, and Kem Gardner, a developer formerly with Boyer Co. and a longtime Romney friend. Family members of Huntsman, Gardner and others also donated, but not Utah's governor."


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