Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My hunchis Sulejman Talovic is likely a Muslim and the MSM is being PC...

I have it from a good well read source that "Bosnia Refugee" has a definition "Virtually all Bosnian refugees are Muslim."
  • Virtually all Bosnian refugees are Muslim. Islamic influences on health care beliefs and practices are discussed in the section on Religions. As discussed in that section, there are many factors that influence the extent to which a religion impacts health-related behavior. In the case of Bosnian refugees, generally a cosmopolitan group, Islam may have less of an impact on health beliefs and practices than among others from rural middle-eastern backgrounds. Bosnian women, for example, tend to be less intent on maintaining extreme modesty and are more willing to report gynecological problems than women from some other groups. At most, women will wear a scarf over their head and conservative dress. A Church World Service report noted that many Bosnians have a relationship with Islam similar to the relationship many Americans have with Christianity: "something restricted to the Sabbath and major religious holidays."
Jawa Report  has the best analysis I can find.  They discuss the PC issues with the Salt Lake Trib and Deseret News not mentioning the Islamic Issue with this killer.  Comment are intersting too.
Website for Indy Jihadist say keep it simple see this link

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