Thursday, April 19, 2007

Liviu(Life) Librescu Family link to send a Note of Admiration and Sorrow

From Nbc4
AP Image
Liviu Librescu, a professor of aeronautics engineering at Virginia Tech, was killed using his body to block his classroom door from a gunman.
If you would like to send a message of admiration and condolence to the Liviu(Life) Libescu Family and have your readers do the same here is the link!
Thanks for letting me Propose my idea to Honor This Patron Saint Against Terrorism for the 21st Century and for the Ages.......
Thanks Hugh Hewitt for taking the NBCho Network Rating Rates to
task for their dastardly deeds.
Great Show Dominus Vobiscum. I have put together a series of nice templates and posts for my proposal voiced(thanks to Hugh Hewitt) on his National Show. Hopefully some of this Titan Man's(with Titanium Spirit) students will run with this idea...


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