Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Old Media Collapse

The Paleolithic Alphabet Letter MSM Media Wing of the Democrat Party reminds me of the Minneapolis Bridge that Collapsed on all those innocent people killing them. There were warning signs but ignored by Local Officials and the MSM is on this same trajectory but their culpability is worse because it is deliberate! Shame on Old Journalism and Hooray for New Media!
I do not trust the MSM for Weather Reports nor News! Of course this is an underserved slam on Weather Forecasters because surprisingly they have a better predictive track record than the News folks and their leads are much less apparent than those in the News. An enormous Jihad attack is going to hit our shores(read Hugh Hewitt's recent post citing Vice Admiral John Scott Redd) just like Hurricane Katrina did and New Media saw it coming but Old Media like Old Europe is Blinded to it by Choice! A Journalistic Sin of Omission and wanton

Go New Media!


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