Thursday, September 06, 2007

Tale of 2 Cells one in Germany and one in South Carolina...They're HERE!

Blade Runner (1982)

Roy Batty (RUTGER HAUER), top-of-the-line Nexus 6 replicant leader

I see a Pattern of Dueling Terrorism Strategies. Free form and independent Cells with Dead Infidels as their goal. I do not think the thousands of pounds of Hydrogen Peroxide was to be mixed with Bleach so that Muslims Immigrants could Dye their Hair white so they'd look like Rutger Hauer the Replicant in Blade Runner. However these Fanatics with their everyday chemicals are more deadly than Rutger Hauer's killer Replicant Roy Batty!

GERMAN Varietal of Jihadists

From the Canadian Press:

 "German authorities searching for 10 suspects connected to alleged terrorists"

BERLIN (AP) German authorities were searching Thursday for about 10 suspected supporters of an Islamic group linked to al-Qaida who are believed to have assisted the three militants arrested earlier this week in their foiled bomb plot, an official said.
Authorities believed "some 10" further suspects provided support to the two German converts and a Turkish citizen who were arrested Tuesday on suspicion of plotting attacks on U.S. and other facilities here, August Hanning, a top security official, told ARD broadcaster
"This is the network that we are aware of at the moment," Hanning said, adding that authorities believe the splintered cell - which includes more converted Germans, Turkish and other citizens - no longer poses a direct security threat.
The three arrested suspects had military-style detonators and enough material to make bombs more powerful than those that killed 191 people in Madrid in 2004 and 52 commuters in London two years ago, prosecutors said Wednesday.

American Varietal of Jihadists
From Counter Terrorism Blog as sited on The Investigative Project on Terrorism
Ahmed Mohamed and Youssef Samir Megahed, 21, engineering students, were stopped for speeding Aug. 4 in Goose Creek, S.C., where they have been held on state charges. Police found pipe bombs in their car near a Navy base in South Carolina where enemy combatants have been held. They have been held in a South Carolina jail while the FBI continued to investigate whether there was a terrorism link.
Ahmed Abdellatif Sherif Mohamed, 24, an engineering graduate student and teaching assistant at the Tampa-based university, faces terrorism charges for teaching and demonstrating how to use the explosives. According to officials familiar with the case, Mohamed has been arrested previously in Egypt on terrorism-related charges. He is said to have produced an Internet video showing how to build a remote-controlled car bomb......
Agents went into the single family home on Pampas Place outside Tampa on Aug. 11 looking for video cameras, tapes, dvds or other recordings "relating to bombs, explosive devices, destructive devices and detonators." They also sought screwdrivers, soldering irons, timers and digital watches and pellets for pellet guns.
Then there's this: "Remote control devices for toys." As reported below, Ahmed Mohamed is said to have produced a video showing how to build a remote-controlled bomb.
The search warrant return, an index of items seized, shows agents took "passport photos, biohazard cassette, disassembled watch" a circuit board and a variety of chemicals and powders."

Wake Up Occidental World(that is US,The West) the Jihadists Assassins are HERE and Want us Infidels to be Headless or Splattered in tiny Suicide Bomb Pieces!

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