Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Senaotr Coburn on Bennett and the pulling away of McCain

Bill Bennett had Senator Coburn on his show opening the second hour. Coburn has endorsed McCain is the strongest and most persuasive terms. In fact Coburn will introduce him at Cpac. He basically says that in hindsight although he was mad about the Gang of 14 it was the right thing to do to get Brown, Alito. He claims from Bork to Brown, McCain as been with the GOP. He claims that McCain was right about corruption in DC but McCain-Fools-gold was the wrong solution. He claims that on Amnesty he has learned is lesson. He claims that in a Fox hole you wanna be with the guy who is with you know is with you 80% of the time and said that presents McCain rather than the guy who says he is 100% of the time but is just talk(he did not mention any names). He claims Dobson is great but he does not agree with him on the Protection of Marriage issue and should be left up to the States and not the Federal Amendment level like Dobson wants. He claims that McCain is the one force in DC that changes the hardest things because he is an unrelenting fighter. He says that the "vitriol" from conservative talk radio is hurting the Conservative Movement and needs to stop. Basically it was a resounding endorsement by a very conservative Senator Coburn! However he did not mention McCain's Embryonic Stem Cell support, McCain's flip flop on the Law of the Sea Treaty, Kerry VP flirtation, Keating 5, Vote against permanent tax cuts, initial leaning to support the Fairness Doctrine(which will destroy Talk Radio and our Free Speech Rights giving a monopoly to the Mainstream Media which is portrayed as non-partisan and non-political), Global Warming belief......

My take, McCain like I have said before and the McCain Machiavelli Triangulation of MSM, Independents, Hispanics, Inside Beltway types,has aligned with the Constellation of Stars in the Sky and his time has come to lead the GOP but it'll be a PYRRHIC VICTORY for him and the GOP. McCain will get creamed in the General by Obama if he gets the nod and by Clinton but by a lesser beating if she gets the node, as the Dems are out Primarying the GOP 2 to 1! The Dems are energized and the GOP is not and it is time for a Dem in the White House per the American Electorate. Huckabee will be McCain's VP because of his strength in the Bible Belt but it will not help and thus will not matter.

We have entered the McCain version of the Rockefeller/Ford/Dole era of an Impotent GOP! Like Global Warming which is cyclical so is Conservatism and we have cycled into the Conservative light Era of GOP-ism. The Electoral Will of the GOP is anemic too otherwise Romney would have won and sorry but Romney, who is valiant fighter does not have the Reagan Mystic needed to lead. Obama has the JFK Mystic which is dangerous because JFK was a Politcal Saint compared to Obama.

Cheers to Hugh Hewitt, for going down fighting....his Broadcasting Marathon was impressive last PM!
Dominus Vobiscum on Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. We will have to Offer Up our disappointment to the Cross with the hope that our disappointment will lead to a Metanoia in America towards God's Ways and not McCain's and God forbid Obama's "Liberal Compassionate" 'lets kill the botched abortion babies' way! America is getting what it deserves a decadent and failing European Brand of Socialism(aka the Nanny State) which will destroy America from within until we turn to back to Christian Morality, Free Enterprise, less taxes and less government regulation American way that made us Numero Uno!


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