Monday, March 31, 2008

The 1/2 black Barack Obama is Myopic about his Reverse Bigotry

It all about Political Correctness to Liberals.  Obama is were he is because of "WHITE FOLKS" like his Mother, Grandparents and all the White People who voted for him because he was the Black Man who transcended Race.  Mr. Barack get over yourself, your self importance and your pre-occupation with your skin color.  White Americans help make you the man you are.  Where was your African father during those formative years?  Racisism in America?  People called me Paco and Spick when I was a young man because my parents came from Spain. Should I go around hating America because it is "Racist".  It is Human Nature for people to mock others and as people mature most of them get over that stupid and mean tendency in America which is a melting pot. 

Obama is a so blinded by his reverse Bigotry....Bigotry is not the problem threatening the existence of Humanity....Mr. Wanna-be-President BO, Jihadoterrorism is!  Mr. Barack Obama is an angry half white-half black man who has a Chip on his shoulder.  He is the one who bogged down by his bigotry against Whites.  Why else would he go to that Church where the Preachers sound like OBL and other Jihadists.  Liberals focus on the stupid and inane while the Jihadoterrorists plan the next 911!  STUPID is all I can say.  But Barack Obama and Liberals think that Racism is the biggest problem in the World.....Hello we have 2 Black Secretary of States, a 1/2 Black man running for President, Black CEO's, Black Doctors.  Give us and yourself a Break Liberals and focus your ire on the Jihadists!

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