Saturday, July 19, 2008

"Nozzle Rage" 4 Pelosi, Obama & Reid 2C!

Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Wanna be President "300 foreign advisors" Barack Hoos-In-Sane Obama need to realize that except for bicycles, electric golf carts, their hybrid fuel cell car relatives like a Prius, which btw is more toxic than a Hummer (whose use environmentally disruptive nickel metal hydricde & potentially toxic overheated lithiun ion batteries which are ground zero toxic to Earth too), methane producing beast of burden horses, donkeys, elephants, oxen, camels and reindeer, all of which dust crop the world with more global warming methane gas than C02, the Internal Combustion Engine which runs of Fossil Fuels is the best Rickshaw we'we got for now. The links provided are extremely informative and Our Democrat Green Kermit rather walk leaders need to see this Video Parody of the way Jihadi Nations are sucker punching and car jacking at the pump. It is entertaining and sublime at the same time.... It is Entitled Nozzle Rage and created/produced the Sucker brothers of Airplane!


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