Saturday, May 17, 2008

Kennedy Seizure update

Long time Ted Kennedy political associate and apparent friend Law Professor and Political Analyst Susan Estrich has reported on FoxNews that the Senator had a Temperature and Chris Wallace said he flu like symptoms.  If these reports are accurate then perhaps he had a Seizure due to a high temperature or a viral/bacterial Encephalitis.  He'll need to undergone typical blood work to look for infection, metabolite abnormalities. An  MRI of the brain will be done to rule out a Cerebrovasuclar Accident, such as a Stroke of Hemorrhage or Tumors, and he may require a Lumbar Pucture aka Spinal Tap to rule out Meningitis/Encephalitis or other Central Nervous System disorder.  By reports it does not sound as bad as initially mentioned.  However, 2 Seizures means that the Brain Tissue is very irritated by something...high fever due to infection, tumor, bleeding, ischemia, metabolite abnormality to just name a few possibilities.  The Senator does have health problems including Hypertension, Hypercholestrolemia, history of heavy Alcohol consumption and Obesity.   My prayers go out to the Senator and his family. 


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