Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Biden not 4 the Poor but 4 the Plugs!

Lets have some with Daddy of Donors Joe Biden.  Donor alright but not for charity but for his own scalp....follicular hair transplants type donations which ain't cheap!
Here is a chart of the Bidens' giving for the years covered by the tax returns:
                    Gross Income              Charity
1998             $215,432                      $195
1999             $210,797                      $120
2000             $219,953                      $360
2001             $220,712                      $360
2002             $227,811                      $260
2003             $231,375                      $260
2004             $234,271                      $380
2005             $321,379                      $380
2006             $248,459                      $380
2007             $319,853                      $995
Total             $2,450,042                    $3,690
Joe Biden is a bald man whose vanity led him to a very costly hair plug procedure. There are few if any photos online or ... (more)
Joe Biden - After
Joseph Biden's hairline, 2008
larger version]
Joe Biden - Before
Joseph Biden's Pre-Plug 1980's
Joe Biden’s hair, ‘80 vs Now.
Is America ready for a Vice President with hair plugs?

How much does the procedure cost?

What are follicular units and why are they so important? Follicular units represent the way hair naturally grows from the scalp. Hair grows out in groups of 1-5 hairs, with hairless skin between these units.

Most of our sessions run from $3,000 - $10,000 depending on the number of grafts required. The majority of patients will need from 1-3 sessions.
1988 Road to the White House with Sen. Biden
 1988 during his Campaign defending his IQ with potential voters on his dead end Road to the White House with Sen. Biden


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