Thursday, September 11, 2008

World in denial on al-Qaeda and 9/11

Americans vs Islamo-Jihadist Assassins

On the anniversary of 911 and the Murder of thousands of Americans by blood thirsty Islamic Jihadists on a Kamikaze Assassin Mission so that Allah(The Supreme Being or God) will reward them with 72 Virgins in Paradise!

What is the definition of an Assassin? Well it is surprise surprise a Muslim fanatic!

  • [French, from Medieval Latin assassnus, from Arabic an, pl. of a, hashish user, from a, hashish. See hashish.]
  • one of an order of Muslim fanatics, active in Persia and Syria from about 1090 to 1272, whose chief object was to assassinate Crusaders.
  • [Origin: 1525?35; < ML assassini (pl.) < Ar h?ashshashin eaters of hashish]

    • They were members of a secret Islamic order originating in the 11th century who believed it was a religious duty to harass and murder their enemies. The most important members of the order were those who actually did the killing. Having been promised paradise in return for dying in action, the killers, it is said, were made to yearn for paradise by being given a life of pleasure that included the use of hashish. From this came the name for the secret order as a whole, an, "hashish users." After passing through French or Italian, the word came into English and is recorded in 1603 with reference to the Muslim Assassins.
Reflecting on this definition for a moment can give one an idea of the twisted and depraved view of an enemy who believes that their God wants us Non-Muslims Infidel DEAD! This concept is woven into the fabric of a segment(hopefully small) of these people which spans a 1000 years....

Well, in honor of the first heroes/fallen citizen soldiers of United Airlines Flight 93 near Shanksville, Pennsylvania who saved Americans by fighting back and the Emergency Firemen, Port Authority, Civilians and Policeman who died saving thousands of victims this atrocity at the World trade Center, I'd like to underscore the power and strength of the American Spirit by recounting a little told story....

I have it on good authority(a friend who is a retired Military Pilot & on 911 was on active duty) that American Military Pilots from all over the United States and in particular the East Coast region of the US, were scrambled to the Airspace of these Eastern Cities! The brave men and women were directed to ram incoming Commercial Jets that might try to crash into the Sky scrappers of other American Cities. You see many US Military Pilots were on routine training missions when the World Trade Centers were hit. Because we were not ready for this attack and the F-15's and F-16's were not armed our Military improvised on the Spot and planned to take out any potential Aircraft hijacked and to be turned into Giant Molotov Cocktail bombs by crazed Islamo-Jihadist Assassins by ramming their Military Aircraft into them! Here is an amazing article from Aviation Week and Space Technology entitled F-16 Pilots Considered Ramming Flight 93 published on 9/09/2002 which confirms the story I was told.

  • "With the Pentagon in flames and hijacked aircraft threatening Washington, White House scrambled fighters with little or no armament.
    Within minutes of American Airlines Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon on Sept. 11, Air National Guard F-16s took off from here in response to a plea from the White House to "Get in the air now!" Those fighters were flown by three pilots who had decided, on their own, to ram a hijacked airliner and force it to crash, if necessary. Such action almost certainly would have been fatal for them, but could have prevented another terrorism catastrophe in Washington. "

The bravery and ingenuity of these DC Air National Guard Pilots caught on and became the Strategy for the "on the fly response" by our brave fellow Americans! We Americans are not Crazed Assassins but are reluctant warriors but Born FIGHTERS and will Prevail!

  • Oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light
  • What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming?
  • Whose broad stripes and bright stars thru the perilous fight,
  • O'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming?
  • And the the Buildings Red Glare, the Planes bursting in air,
  • Gave proof through the World Trade Center Dust Cloud that our flag was still there.
  • Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

Furthermore I've been told that before the Islamo-Jihadist Assassins slit the throats of the Commercial Pilots with the box cutters they gouged out these Civilian Pilots' Eyes blinding them!

I believe in the USA and the American Citizen and Soldier Heroes honored today...We the "Men & Women of the West" will Prevail no matter how ruthless and cunning the Islamo-Jihadist Assassins are! Why? Because we are the Americans imbued by the spirit and ideals of our Forefathers and although reluctant to fight we are FIGHTERS and when forced we are the Men and Women of the motto "Semper Fi"!


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