Thursday, September 29, 2005

Smiling County

Hugh: what do you get when you cross Tavis Smiley, and the Ronnie Earle's indictment of Tom Delay? You get the Smiling Travis County Democratic Smear Machine with Dan Rather and his(HBM) Has Been Media and (WBAM) Wanna Be Again Media as its spokesperson being Delayed because Mary Mapes is being held hostage at a Kinkos run by Tavis the former talk show guy! Cheers, Francis


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TKls2myhrt wrote:

I found your post through the Crosley nomminations. I've read this post a couple of times and each time I'm left with the conclusion that you are comparing Harriet Miers and dissenting Christian conservatives to Jesus Christ and Pontius Pilate. Am I misunderstanding you?

I do agree that both Roberts and Miers are unknowns, due to their lack of paper trial with regard to decisions. However, it seems to me that John Roberts has more closely viewed his career as a God-given vocation and has worked to excel at his profession as a way to serve others with his gifts.

Posted by TKls2myhrt to Powder Tracks and Fever at 10/12/2005 07:34:40 AM

Yes, you have misunderstood me and I apologize if my argument is unclear. I'm not comparing Roberts or Miers to Jesus Christ or Pilate. My point is that Jesus points out that all people in positions of authority on Earth are permitted to serve in those positions because God, the father allows it. Pilate is humbled and even cowed by this idea and wants to let Jesus go even though he was an unbeliever. My point is that hopefully Roberts and Miers will be aware of this fact expressed so clearly by Jesus and act accordingly knowing that they have been given much responsibility. "To those that much has been given much is expected..."
My point is that hopefully Roberts and Miers will be familiar with this exchange between Pilate and Jesus and make the "RIGHT" decisions. This exchange between Jesus and Pilate(acting as his defacto "Judge")is sobering and thus it should be sobering for the Men and Women "allowed by God" to be appointed to such high places of authority on Earth.

I agree with your analysis of Chief Justice Roberts for he is brilliant, articulate, polished and an unflappable individual. Furthermore his career trajectory seems to be influenced by his devout Catholicity and in my gut I feel the Chief Justice will come out on the correct moral side of issues presented before the Supreme Court. Chief Justice Roberts has the gravitas, which emanates from the conviction of his instincts and beliefs, the confidence of his training/experience and his tremendous intellect. Roberts is on an equal footing with the sitting Justices experientially as he has successfully argued his positions before them some 29 times convincing the Justices to side with his argument. I'm sure the Supremes had immense respect for the former Attorney Roberts, who deftly when toe to toe with them as is done in the intellectual boxing arena of the Supreme Court while arguing his cases. However, I don't know if he will overturn Roe v Wade because of his respect for the legal precedent or "Stari Decisis"! Does anybody really no how any person appointed to the Supreme Court will conduct themselves? No, we don't so we try to read the tea leaves and this process is far form full proof. If these two nominees are authentic Christians and true to their respective Christian traditions they will overturn this travesty against humanity and God. life begins at Conception!
It is pure sophistry in its worst form to argue otherwise and is plainly evil....

For instance consider Justice Anthony Kennedy who took the Pilate approach and "washed his hands" of the issue in the Casey v Planned Parenthood case. I imagine Kennedy's rational was along these lines: "Personally I'm opposed to abortion because of my Catholic Beliefs but because of separation of church and state .... I can't legislate my beliefs or a woman has a right to the privacy of her own body or Stari Decicis takes precedence..." Whatever his rationalizations or justifications were he wimped out ala Pilate. Kennedy pulled a tepid nay a cowardly Pilate maneuver. For this he will answer to God Almighty just as I will for all of my actions and decisions. Hopefully Roberts and Miers won't use "Stari Decisis" as cover on this Abortion issue to keep from upsetting the Liberal Media, Body Politic and University Elite. If they do they will pull a Pilate and will have to stand before the throne of the Almighty God on Judgment Day. I fear for the soul of Justice Kennedy who wimped out and in my opinion is a CINO(Catholic in Name Only) or a CC(Cultural Catholic). We Conservative Christians have to stand for what is right in God Eyes! Everyone today clamors for rights!..."Gay Rights, Women Rights, Minority Rights, Immigrant Rights, Criminal Rights!" This all well and good and I'm for everybody Rights but as a Christian I think GOD has Rights too and GOD'S RIGHTS take Precedence over these special interest groups' rights. Indeed, rights are important and I wonder and ask what about Children in the Womb don't they have Rights? I hope Miers and Roberts are familiar with the exchange between Christ and Pilate outlined in John 19. If they are devout Christians they will be and will make the argument for overturning Roe v Wade! Somewhere in the vicinity of 70 million babies have been killed in the womb since the Blackmun, a Republican appointee, wrote the Majority Decision in 1973.
Question: Should God continue to "Bless America" given this Holocaust of American Babies?
Ultimately we do not Know how any Justice will vote on this Issue, which I consider the Issue of our age! Whatever they decide I hope that Roberts and Miers are sobered by the exchange between Christ and Pilate! They are allowed to be on the court because God Permits it. This represents my religious argument.

There is the Constitutional Argument which is simply that Roe v Wade is bad law. Given that our country is a Federal Republic and all the States are suppose to decide which Rights they want to codify into law the decision should be tossed out and each individual state should decide this issue via the Ballet Box and the State Legislature.

It's interesting that the whether you side with the Christian Perspective or the Constitutional Perspective you come up with the same Result....Roe v Wade is bad law no matter the prism you use!
Thanks for reading. Francis

12:09 PM, October 13, 2005  

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