Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Congressional and Senatorial Monarchies/Fiefdoms!

The Polls are now the Statistical Wing of the Democratic Party in an analogous manner to the way the "Has Been Media aka MSM" has become the Media Wing of the Donkey's Democratic Party. Christopher "Turncoat" Shays is coming out for GOP's for Lieberman's for President Movement. The latest CBS President Bush Approval/Disapproval Poll is skewed, as they polled more Dems to Repubs!
  • "fair and balanced?" CBS slanted in favor of Dems
Look at this USA Today article which focuses on how the Polls are manipulating our National Congressional Leaders. Does this give some insight into why Republicans members of Congress are vacillating. Could this one of the reason President Bush came out swing on the UAE Dubai Port Deal? These Congressman and Senators are looking out for the old "number ONE"! Still wanting to hang out in their cushy jobs socking away money in their Government Sponsored Retirement 401k type Fund. The same kind of fund we the public are not entitled to while the Social Security pool of money dries up and they do nothing.
It is a joke when a previously apolitical M.D. since 911 knows their Washington 2 Step game as well as these hypocrites in the Government!
Solution to this vile problem is term limits for these Congressional and Senatorial Monarchies/Fiefdoms!


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