Friday, February 24, 2006

Lt. Col Rick Francona's tour of the UAE

I saw Lt. Col Rick Francona on CNBC. He had a map of UAE and straight of Hormuz. The Naval Ports of Fujarirah protects the Straight. US Naval Ships are supplied from Bahrain. Dhafra AirForce Base is Key to protection of the region if Iran goes ballistic. It reminds me of the strategic location of Gibraltar to the Mediterranean and Spanish/American Bases during the
Cold War. We are getting tons of military cooperation from these people. If we are concerned about their loyalty then you would have to worry about current operations in the Persian Gulf. It would be so easy for Arab suppliers to sabotage current maneuvers and operations. Of course it makes my stomach queasy to thing the saboteurs could get into our ports so easily. However these same Saboteurs could do damage to current Military operations as well. It is just that no one has brought this to our attention and now when I think of it, I get the same uneasy feeling about our heavy reliance on people whose culture fosters Jihad. However, these UAE and other Arab states have really been Allys. Even though General Tommy Franks' comment("they run a great port") seems like a non sequitur maybe this logistical support is what he was referring too? What do you think? I would love it if Lt. Col Rick Francona could get the Hugh Hewitt Doctor of New Media once over. It might help those of us with queasy stomachs over the "Sitting on the Dock of Dubai making Bombs for USA" deal!....


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