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Great Leaders and Their Alliances Reflects Shrewd Strategy in Medieval, Colonial and Contemporary Empires!

1780 Alabama "Spanish governor of Louisiana, Bernardo de Galvez, captures Fort Charlotte in Mobile from the British,"
as illustrated by artist Nathan Glick.
Source: Alabama Department of Archives and History, Montgomery, Alabama. Nathan H. Glick pen and ink drawings, LPR92.

I saw General Tommy Franks on Hannity & C last night on Jet Blue while on my way to Utah from LB. Saw him on Fox & Friends and now heard him on his internet's stream plugging UAE on T. Snow's show. My fears of letting the "fox into the hen house" are not as bad as before especially when I think of how Medieval Spain Reconquered the Iberian Peninsula in the Middle Ages via EL Cid(outline in my post). Pres. Bush and his folks know history and Spain's History is a Model. Make Allys of the fundamentalist enemies.

  • Cortez conquered the Aztecs by making alliances with the indigenous enemies of Aztecs.
  • General George Washington made an alliances with the indigenous Europeans in the New World. In addition to the French("Catholics" which we all know about) remember Spanish General Bernardo Galvez("More Catholics" which we don't all know about), for whom Galveston is named is a parallel to "El Cid & Cortez" Indigenous Ally( "not our Regligon") Strategy.
What does Austin Bay think of this?
As strange as it feels to trust our ports to foreign businesses which are not usual allys we need to consider that Qatar was home to Cent Com and camp Rhino during "Operation Enduring Freedom".

in Afganistan was arranged by UAE inteligence per Gen. Franks.

Story and Links to Spain's Galvez and George Washington

Spanish Involvement in the American Revolution

  • Spain declared war on England 21 June 1779 and continued operations against England until peace was declared 3 September 1783. King Carlos III urged his soldiers and sailors to attack the English wherever they appeared. King Juan Carlos I joined the Society on the basis of the service of his ancestor on 23 February 2000.
    The Galvez Project
    The web site for the
    The following has been excerpted from that web site.Few Americans are aware that Bernardo de Galvez was the Spanish governor of the Louisiana territory that encompassed thirteen of our present states. They are also unaware that long before any formal declaration of war, General Galvez sent gunpowder, rifles, bullets, blankets, medicine and other supplies to the armies of General George Washington and General George Rogers Clark. Once Spain entered the war against Great Britain in 1779, this dashing young officer raised an army in New Orleans and drove the British out of the Gulf of Mexico. General Galvez captured five British forts in the Lower Mississippi Valley. They repelled a British and Indian attack in St. Louis, Missouri, captured the British fort of St. Joseph in present-day Niles, Michigan. With reinforcements from Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, General Galvez captured Mobile and Pensacola, the capital of the British colony of West Florida.
    At Pensacola, Galvez commanded a multinational army of over seven thousand soldiers. Most of these men were already serving in the areas known as Nueva EspaƱa. This included all the land east of the Mississippi, including present day Southwest and southern states, Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Hispanola, and other Spanish colonies such as Venezuela. The Spanish forces in the Americas were also joined by soldiers from Spain, other European nations, American colonists, indigenous, and blacks. It was this multi-ethnic force fighting together to achieve the goals of the American Revolution under the leadership of a remarkable general commander.
    Pensacola was defended by a British and Indian army of twenty-five hundred soldiers and British warships. An American historian called the siege of Pensacola "a decisive factor in the outcome of the Revolution and one of the most brilliantly executed battles of the war." Another historian stated that General Galvez' campaign broke the British will to fight. This battle ended in May 1781, just five months before the final battle of the war at Yorktown
I think that my opinion is changing somewhat since listening to General Franks and after considering the History of unlikely Alliances. Is the public's opinion turning? Perhaps but like an oil tanker it turns slowly... Has the President caught the Dems flat footed? Will Mrs. Bill Clinton and her minions' strong opposition to this deal force the Liberals to admit we need to Wire Tap and profile for enemies? If so I think El Presidente George Bush is a Champion like El Cid is a Campeador


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