Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Kye-Yo-Tay is Spanglish for ILLEGAL Immigration not "Interrupted"

I'm a conservative Hugh Hewitt inspired blogger who is Catholic and the proud son of legal Spanish Nautralized US citizens! My great President is acting like a Kye-yo-tay(Coyote) with immigration along the old Camino Real of Franciscan Priest Junipero Sierra and founder of modern day California who immigrated from my mother's birthplace of Mallorca Spain. He is acting like a "coyote" or (Canis latrans) aka pairie wolf on this issue and it does not have to do with pobre ole Mexicanos(poor Mexicans) seeking the American dream but rather the Bush family securing their American Dynastic aspirations. Columba( named after the discoverer of America, Admirante Cristobal Colon/Christofer Columbus) Bush will not let her "gente (people)" be offended again like when Abuelo(grandpa) Presidente Bush 41 did so years ago by referring to Jeb and her children "as my little BROWN ones"! You see a wall will JEB-er-dize hubby Jeb and son, Atty. George P's Presidential aspirations. Lo ves(you see) una pared(a wall) might ofender(offend) the Hispanic vote if a wall goes up and these Bush family members get smeared by the negative press that liberal columnists will no doubt level in a future Presidential campaign! This I believe is a big reason among others like cheap labor, funding ss with the bogus ss #'s and possibly a sweetheart Mexicana Oil development deal that Vicenete Zorro(Fox) may be using as a carrot to help provide a good substitute for problematic Islamic oil! Viva America! y Gracias
Francis Xavier Yubero, M.D.
p.s. Mesopotamia's Brave Emancipator, George W. Bush's accent bugs me when El President habla(speaks) en Castellano( in Castilian) but not as much as his No Walls Policy. The W. of George W. is bad Spanglish or Españolish or Engñol for No walls! Too bad as Beslan is pending along Pacific Coast Highway the Grandson of the Spanish Camino Real of California! When this happens Presidente Jorge's sobrino(nephew) Atty. Jorge P. will not become Presidente someday en el futuro(the future)...

Dominus Vobiscum,

Francisco Javier Yubero, Doctor de Medicina


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