Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Wall, Mahoney and the Bushes demonstrate false compassion

I think that false compassion emanates from the Bishopric chair of Cardinal Mahoney! Why won't my venerable church direct the charges of unchristian and anti-biblical charges against the corrupt government of Mexico, which makes the Mexican flee their Rich Country? It would be interesting to get Father Fessio's take on why the CC is getting political. I think it has alot to do with the Waywardness of this Cardinal which correctly pointed out, by Hugh Hewitt. Furthermore the anemic attendance of Catholics at the Cardinals special Immigrant Mass speaks for the way us Catholics really feel about the immigration issue. This Cardinal, who is a Helicopter pilot and got his buddy Mayor Riordan to buy him one is Vicar of Christ and a Lamb with Wolf like fangs! Great article about this jet setting Cardinal from Lay Missioner is a good read! Regarding the real motivation for the Bush family, folks please read this telling article: Florida Gov. Bush Calls Tone of Immigration Debate `Hurtful'. The next step in getting to the heart of why the Bush family will not build a Wall is that it "May" have a negative impact on the Bush dynastic aspirations which I discussed on my blog last week. If a terrorist comes across the border and pulls a "Beslan" the President Bushes need to realize that George P and Jeb's Executive aspirations will be null and void! Mr. President build A WALL please!


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