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Illegals need to immigrate Legally

These Illegals are making fun of us and abusing our Liberties, Social Programs and Laws. They know our Country is better than theirs and I for one do not like it and I'm the son of LEGAL Immigrants and Naturalized U.S. Citizens. Please read their comments sentences underlined in Red below. If I or any other American would trespass into Mexico and got caught I'd rot in on of their corrupt jails and my family would have to send money to the prison mangers so I'd get the basic necessities. I would only get decent healthcare if hurt in Mexico as a tourist if I could pay cash for it! I like Mexico and Mexicans but their Government is run by sneaky Foxes and has been for generations!

From Publius Pundit
"Spanish-language radio in Los Angeles was highly instrumental in turning out the masses of people for this rally - in fact, they were a key player - and right under gringos' noses. Now, there are some within this movement who say this is the broad kickoff of a broad new civil rights movement. On this, I cannot say for sure, but it sure seemed like something happened."
"Look at America!!!!!!!!!!!!
Back in LA, the tone of the march was not anti-American, not by a long shot. I did not get the feeling many of those marchers really truly hated America. On the contrary, I thought they liked it. All they wanted was a chance to be American.
It's a complicated issue. How do we give people like this legalization without penalizing the people who have been waiting in line legally, often for years? How do we ensure fairness?
But on the other hand, how do we ignore this?

The great economist Hernando de Soto has pointed out that when a critical mass of illegality is achieved, like, say, squatting on public lands, the U.S. historically has politicians eventually bend to the will of the people. That’s why the 1862 Homestead Act was passed by Abraham Lincoln.

  1. (Publis Pundit, A.M.Mora y Leon, takes esteem Peruvian economist, Hernando de Soto, out of context! His argument needs to be applied to our Hispanic "Friends & Allys" to the South of the Rio Grande and not the USA. If it were then many of these illegal aliens would not have break our sovereign laws and smuggle themselves into our country. Publis Pundits claims that these demontrators "don't really hate" and "liked" the USA. As the son of Spanish Immigrants who came here legally I love the USA. So let the Hispanic Countries implement those principles advocated by de Soto so these hard working illegals can stay in the country they "LOVE" and therefore not be forced to live in the USA, the country which they "don't really hate" but only "LIKE". I feel used by people who come here only for its opportunity and not for love of the American Ethos and Spirit which fosters Americanism in this melting pot of a country of ours. This concept of Americanism is one of the secrets that makes the USA the greatest country in the history of the world. This historical structural pillar of America is predicated on the fact that regardless of its citizens' different race, color and creed we consider ourselves to be Americans first and foremost and our futures are as limitless as our imaginations! Proof is found in de Soto's own words

The Mystery of Capital: Why Capitalism Triumphs in the West and Fails Everywhere Else

  • Hernando de Soto uses questions about Bill Gates as a backdrop for discussion. Gates the world’s richest man, serves as a springboard for constasting America's economic system and those of countries where the world’s poorest people live. “Apart from his personal genius, how much of his success is due to his cultural background and his ‘Protestant ethic’? And how much is due to the legal property system of the United States?”
  • De Soto’s explanation of why poor nations haven’t capitalized on capitalism is not because of lazy and anemic cultures. Cities of the third world and former Communist bloc are full of bright, ambitious entrepreneurs and industrious workers. It has nothing to with the fallacy that poor are starved of assets. According to de Soto’s research team at the Institute for Liberty and Democracy in Lima, the value of all real estate held by the poor of these lands is at least $9.3 trillion. That is 93 times the amount of all money paid out by Western democracies to poor and struggling nations since the Communist crackup in 1989.
  • The problem is that this property is held but not truly owned by the poor. More than 80 percent of all ownership in these countries is not legally documented as property ownership at the city, county or state level. It is psuedolegal and impossible to register at the level of bureaucratic institutions. De Soto expalins “The poor have houses but not titles; crops but not deeds; businesses but not statutes of incorporation.”
  • This is an elemental flaw because most formal property can be used as collateral for credit. This is a molecular building block for enterprise as it permits a means of freeing up capital which is the catalyst for business and the fuel of a free enterprise system.
  • This is the model found in the United States but is not the norm in the majority of the Hispanic world lying south of our border. In our beloved USA the most important and accesible source of collateral funds for new businesses are 1st or 2nd mortgage on the homes of would be entrepreneurs. I n much of the developing Hispanic World homes are just dwellings and de Soto calls it “dead capital.”
  • De Soto explains that because the ruling class of the Hispanic World doesn't provide the legal venues and mechanisms necessary for asset ownership and collateral to serve as an engine of enterprise or as de Soto describes as a “vast hidden process that connects all these assets to the rest of the economy.” Obvisously he is referrring to lenders and creditors currently out reach to the little people and available only to the elite and well conected.
  • De Sotos points out that in a free enterprise economic and representational democracy with a fucntioning judiciary providing bureacratic institutions like city, county and state recorders, assets become transcendent in that these “assets can lead an invisible, parallel life alongside their material existence.”
  • That is to say assets can be leveraged on the open market and be transformed into the life blood of a capitalistic and economic system.
  • Publis Pundit takes de Soto's teaching out of context and glosses over the fact that it is the govenrmental, economic and capitalistic systems in the USA provide both illegal and legal American residents with opportunity.
  • What De Soto does indicate is that the United States was once a developing country and squatters battled for rights to their land, and gold miners fought over their claims in a legal nebula similar to those common in the Hisapnic World. But what does this have to do with illegal aliens? Shouldn't they follow through with the current economic and govenmental evolution in their homelands instead of "sqautting" on our resources and system just because the USA is their neighbor? Just because their is a history of stuggling squatters in our country isn't a rationalization for illegals to have an entitlement to our robust economy and relatively colorblind and egalitarian system. Native born Americans have access to this because it is their birthright! While Natrualized Americans and Green Card Immigrants have legal rights to the fruits of the American System, because it is the Law of the Land. To claim otherwise is the equivalent of a landowner who doesn't plant a garden feeling entitiled to take that sowed from his neighbor because he's next door and its available. This is called stealing.
  • I have a surgeon friend who had to operate on the Mexican mother-in-law of a American lawyer friend of Hispanic Heritage. This because his illegal alien mother-in-law goes back and forth across the US-Mexican border and has applied and got a Medical card. This also is called stealing!
  • Almost all the Hispanic Countires(except for Spain, Puerto Rico and Chile) have undergone the evolutionary steps necessary in their juridical, govermental and economic systems to provide capital and asset leverage which is like the oxygen which fuels a fire.
  • Because of this people in most of the Hispanic World are quarantined from what de Soto calls the “bell jar” of successful capitalism.
  • De Soto indicates “It makes no sense continuing to call for open economies without facing the fact that the economic reforms underway open the doors only for small and globalized elites and leave out most of humanity.”
  • De Sotos writes “At present, capitalist globalization is concerned with interconnecting only the elites that live inside the bell jars.”
  • De Soto's last two points are directed to most of the Hispanic World, China, and other oligarchies and totalitarians governments and not the United States of America!
  • Although it is true when it is said that illegal aliens come here because they want a better life it is a non sequitur and not a justification but rather a rationalizaton for breaking our rules and soverign immigration laws...

Publis Pundit continues: "This great wave of globalization and immigration is no different. It is in our interest to find some way to resolve this, to give the most dynamic people out there an opportunity, to stop treating them like they are invisible, and, even from a Republican perspective, give them economic opportunity, because historically, any time an immigrant group is allowed to buy houses, they turn into Republican voters. I don't want to insult any good readers, but sadly, some of the GOP "base" doesn't remember this detail at all! Cripes it's such an opportunity!
My suggestion is: Just give them all! If we need them, then give them and us what we all need, a place in society, the right to be.
The Catholic Church is fully with the Latino people on this, and has ordered all parishioners to disobey any law that prohibits the helping of illegal immigrants. They know who their "base"
is - young people, young families, people who marry, people who have kids, people who believe in life - in short, Mexicans! Sadly, there are significant parts of the GOP that do not."

Here's "Their Politicians" at Work for the Illegals not legal US Citizens:

Rally to Defeat Anti-Immigration Legislation in Los Angeles

Washington, DC/Los Angeles, CA--(HISPANIC PR WIRE)--March 24, 2006--Today, National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators (NHCSL) President, Assemblyman Felix Ortiz (NY) and other legislators will participate at The Gran Marcha 2006 Los Angeles rally to voice opposition to the Border Protection, Anti-Terrorism and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005(HR-4437), sponsored by House Judiciary Chairman, Congressman James Sensenbrenner (R-WI) and Homeland Security Chairman, Congressman Peter King (R-NY). The proposed immigration bill is anti-American and directly disregards the lives of refugees, legal immigrants and many others. This is the time for all Americans to demand justice and respect for human rights, said Assemblyman Ortiz. We all know that this country was built by the blood, sweat and tears of immigrants and the many generations of those first immigrants who contribute to what makes our country a great country. We cannot allow this bill to go any further; it must be defeated. The Gran Marcha is being coordinated by the National Immigrant Solidarity Network and begins at 10 a.m. Saturday, March 25 at the corner of Olympic Boulevard and Broadway, and ends at LA City Hall. The National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators (NHCSL) is a nonpartisan organization representing the interests of Hispanic state legislators from all states, commonwealths, and territories of the United States. NHCSL is a catalyst for joint action on issues of common concern to all segments of the Hispanic community. For more information visit

I, Powder Tracks, am a second generation from Spain and know much about the Hispanic Culture here in the USA. My parents are Physicians and came here in the 1950's on Einsenhower J1 cultural exchange visas because Physicians were needed back then. After 5 years even though I and 2 younger siblings were "Anchor" babies my parents and Spanish brothers had to go back to Spain and re-apply for permanent green cards because that was the law. The American immigrantion policy in the 1950's was based on a quota system. Spain's low quota reflected the US's disdain for the "Polical Incorrectness" of Spain's Governmental system. Like G. Will implied Franco was good for Spain and Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar is a product of the consevatism of Franco and the new P.M. Zapatero is the grandson of Spain's old Republican Government which was Communist and supported by the USSR. Up until Mexico's Presidente Fox came into power the Partido Revolucionario Institucional or PRI was the Mexican political party that wielded hegemonic power in the country – under a succession of names – for more than 70 years. Many historians debate whether the PRI regime should be considered totalitarian or authoritarian. In 2000, prior to the general elections, Peruvian-born Spanish writer Mario Vargas Llosa called the government under the PRI la dictadura perfecta(perfect dictatorship). The PRI was founded in 4 March 1929 by Plutarco Elías Calles but changed its name to PRI in 1938. This was a virtual Mexican dictatorship for the last century. This is why Mexico a rich country, is so messed up. Mexico has no middle class unlike Spain where Franco build up a middle class, and the Mexican Government wants to export their social problems to the US.

In addition to other Mexican inequaties, we have deal with MEChA, an acronym for the miltant Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán (Chicano Student Movement of Aztlán). Mecha's policy of taking over the US by absorbing the US Southwest by moving illegally across our borders to reclaim Aztlan, "the legendary ancestral home of the Aztec, also known as the 'Mexica'. It is represented as a volcano in a lake, located in what is now north of Mexico (including the territory from Texas to California won by the United States after the Mexican-American War), onto which the first Mexica emerged at the beginning of the fourth world.." The are very proud of last weeks "Gran Marcha"! California Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante is an esteemed alumnus of this group! One of this "nice" student group's subsidary identifies with the Palestinians and Arafat's PLO including its "female martyrs". For paticulars see James Tarantino's article of Opinion Journal and scroll down to highlighted words. Mecha is active at US Universities

  • A young Chicano spoke of his association with MECHA and the Azatlan Movement, a Latino organization that advocates reoccupying the western United States by force, if necessary, to create a Latino nation. Azatlan members call themselves "America's Palestinians." He identified himself as homosexual and pointed out that Greenhouse was, too; this seemed relevant to their alliance with the Palestinian cause. Neither acknowledged let alone addressed the fact that gays are brutally persecuted under the Palestinian Authority in contrast to Israel, where they enjoy full civil rights. Many gay Palestinians have actually sought refugee status in Israel, fearing for their lives under the Arafat regime.
  • The Legal Foundation for Individual Rights in Education or Fire represented UCSD's school paper, the Koala, in 2002 when it was prosecuted over :
  • "a parody of the Hispanic hate group Mecha. The Koala stands charged with "disruption" for "taking photographs" at a Mecha meeting that was open to the public--though in fact the photographer was not a member of The Koala and submitted the photos to the publication after the fact.
    "We condemn The Koala's abuse of the Constitutional guarantees of free expression and disfavor their unconscionable behavior," a FIRE statement quotes
    Joseph Watson, UCSD's vice chancellor for student affairs, as saying. But FIRE notes that in 1995 Watson "issued an unequivocal defense of the right to free expression." The issue then was an article advocating racist violence against law-enforcement officers, which appeared in Mecha's own publication. It cheered the murder of a Hispanic Immigration and Naturalization Service officer, saying he was a "traitor . . . to his race" and adding: "We're glad this pig died, he deserved to die. . . . The only good one is a dead one."
    It gets even worse. As we
    noted in March, Mecha is a virulently anti-Semitic organization, which is easily enough confirmed by a visit to the group's own Web site. Yet the university regards the group as somehow representing "diversity." A Web search turned up this 1999 memo to UCSD's chancellor by a self-described piece of furniture (Herbert York, "chair" of the "Diversity Council") urging that "the chancellor should raise new funds and/or allocate existing funds to ensure the effective implementation of the AASU and MEChA high school conferences and recognition ceremonies, respectively." (The AASU is the African American Student Union.)
    Mecha's members are entitled to exercise their First Amendment right of free expression. But they no more deserve university subsidies and moral support--let alone an effort to silence their critics--than would a campus chapter of the Ku Klux Klan.

Remember the controversial billboard in LA that said Los Angeles is Mexico? My parents had to leave the US even though they were providing health care to under privileged Americans in West Virginia for 5 years in Catholic Hospitals. That was the LAW... time for Mexicans to obey our laws.
President Ike's Bracero Program worked well for the Migrant Worker program let's go back to it!
Francis X. Yubero, M.D


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