Thursday, March 30, 2006

"Tehran Mike Were" tko'd by Hugh Hewitt and next on the Mikey's should be Azzan Alwash

Thanks to Hugh Hewitt for taking my call today and allowing me to comment on the "Tehran Al Qaeda Mike" Times Iraq Bureau chief! He gave biased information and speaks as if the Bush administration's is ill-informed and stuck on the "Dead Enders" characterization of the insurgents. Is that why the new American ambassador to Iraq Zalmay Khailzad, an Afghani native and the highest-ranking Muslim in the Bush administration. Ambassador Khalilzad sees this not as a Muslim-vs.-West conflict, but as a struggle "within the Muslim world" -- from Pakistan to Morocco -- between extremist and moderate interpretations of Islam. Pretty good choice for a "Clueless" Bush Administration who don't understand things has well as "Tehran Al Qaeda Mike". This Bush Administration Ambassador is a Muslim from the region and he can read the insurgents and politicians' poker hands very well! I know this because last night I had dinner with Dr. Azzam Alwash, who is the executive director of the"Eden Again Project" also know as the restoration of the Iraqi Marsh Wetlands Project vis a vis the United Nations(the Japanese put up the Money and it is administered by the UN with a 13% cut). See Eden Again for the particulars. He lives in Fullerton, Ca, and is an naturalized American trained Engineer born and raised in Iraq, who is married to an American Geologist. He is very good friends with my brother, Juan Carlos, a fellow Hugh-go-naut Cruise veteran like me. I had dinner with Dr. Azzam Alwash last night and he remembers Hugh Hewitt as a Land Rights Attorney(Dr.Alwash worked for 20 years as a soils engineering consultant in Southern California) and he remembers Hugh as a KCET TV personality. He was not aware of Hugh Hewitt Radio Program as he has been mostly in Iraq the last 3 years directing the restoration of the wetlands as he is the chief Engineer. Here's his bio:
  • Dr. Azzam Alwash is the Director of the Eden Again Project. Born in Kut, Iraq in 1958, he spent much of his younger years in Nasseriya on the fringes of the marshlands. His father Mr. Jawad Alwash was the district irrigation engineer, and Azzam used to accompany him on trips into the marshlands to resolve water disputes. He left Iraq in 1978 as a result of the Baathist regime. He completed his Bachelor of Science (Civil Engineering) at California State University at Fullerton, and his PhD in Geotechnical Engineering at the University of Southern California. Subsequently, he worked for 20 years as a soils engineering consultant in southern California. In 1997, he became active in Iraqi expatriate politics. He is on the Board of Directors of the Iraq Foundation and the Iraqi Forum for Democracy. In August 2003, Azzam took a leave of absence from his consultancy practice to direct the Eden Again operations in Iraq. He now lives permanently in Iraq, dividing his time between Baghdad, the marshlands, and international speaking engagements. Watch this website for updates from him.
I forgot but was reminded last night Dr. Alwash was Dr. Iyad Allawi's campaign manager for the free elections earlier this year. He's very connected in Iraq and has some interesting Info regarding the Politics and Marsh Project. I'd like for him to talk to Hugh Hewitt and I think he would be willing to do an interview. He knows many of the power players in Iraq. He's worried that we could lose Iraq due to the Iranian power plays taking place. The Iranians are supporting the Sadar militia aka Medhi(12th Imam) Army militia, backing Muqtada Al Sadar of Najaf, and the Shite irregulars who back interim Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, a Shi'ite. According to "Tehran Al Qaeda Mike" because we "invaded" Iraq, Iran is more "Powerful" and is the winner in this conflict. Has "Tehran Al Qaeda Mike" ever heard of Hamas and Hezbollah(read Michael Ladeen's article) who are sponsored by Iran? Iran is the largest sponsor of Terrorism in the world and has been for years! This is their M.O...

Dr. Alwash, a Naturalized American and an Iraqi Patriot,has some interesting ideas about what could be done and in general thinks the Bush Administration track is on target. He claims that the recent letter P. Bush sent to Iraq's P.M. has been mis-spun by the Press and that Bush wants him out. Bush's letter was an inducement to get the ball rolling as far as setting up the government but Al-Jaafari opponents are spinning this so has to get him to step down. According to this Iraqi the Constitution has placed too much power into the PM's position and that Iraq for several years may need a coalition to run Iraq. It's complicated but would be a fascinating interview for the HH Show. Definitely a 2 or 3 segment interview.

Alwash is articulate, well spoken and understandable. He is a treasure trove of info for Hugh's "Rapid Response Radio" He also played a hand in the making of the movie Voices of Iraq by getting those video cameras to the right people. He has insight into why Retired US General, Jay Gardner, left after one month. Dr. Azzam Alwash has also worked with MIT trained Architect and Professor at Brandeis University Kanan Makiya. Professor Makiya, an Iraqi, is the founder of the Iraq Memory Foundation. It'd be great to do a pre-recorded segment before he leaves for Iraq as I think we Hugh Hewitt listeners will be riveted by what he has to say. The great folks at the Hugh Hewitt show will not be sorry if they interview him and will only serve to blow the lid open even further on the MSM muteness regarding the Marsh Project and other good projects occurring in Iraq! Hats off to Hugh Hewitt's quaterback draw up the middle on the MSM this week. What a tour de Force Hugh!

Thanks Francis


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