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Hispanic Voter's Courtship can be traced to President Reagan and beyond!

I would like to expand and build on my previous posts on Immigration often debated on Rush Limbaugh's show where he has indicated on previous shows that the GOP and the Donkey Dems both are pandering to the Hispanic voters.
  • From the March 27 edition of The Rush Limbaugh Show:
    LIMBAUGH: One of the puzzling things about this to me, since President Bush has been in office, is his -- you know, he had a very close relationship with [Mexican President] Vicente Fox, and I don't --
    CALLER: Right.
    LIMBAUGH: I don't -- I -- I think the opposite of what you suggest is actually what's been happening. But look at it from Vicente Fox's point of view. I mean if -- if you had a -- a -- a renegade, potential criminal element that was poor and unwilling to work, and you had a chance to get rid of 500,000 every year, would you do it?
    CALLER: Right.
    LIMBAUGH: Yeah
  • From Rush Limbaugh 24/7
  • Why Bush Continues to Court Hispanics
    May 4, 2006

    But the president is conducting a Cinco De Mayo Day event at the White House, extolling the values of Mexican-Americans and their contributions to our culture and the military and so forth. So I'm sitting here watching this, and I've got this stack of illegal immigration news, and I'm asking myself: He knows what the polls are. He knows there's a backlash going on. Why is he continuing to basically just flaunt the base here on this, the base of the Republican Party? He knows where it is. And I can give you the answer.

    He's a big-tent Republican, folks. I have told you this countless times. One of his objectives, and I kid you not, he and Karl Rove have this massive dream of wiping out the Democratic Party as a dominant political force -- and they believe that the only way they can do that is to go attract a significant percentage of the Democrat constituencies and convert them to the Republican Party. That's really what this immigration thing is about. It's what the Cinco De Mayo event is about. That's what the objective is. It is party politics. It is a dislike for Democrats and liberals and so forth, and that's what's behind all this. Okay, the motive I like. Is it the right strategery? Is this the way to expand your base?

Today Rush Limbaugh speaks of Senator Lindsey Graham's Meet the Press program appearance yesterday May 20, 2006 to further bolster this obvious pandering by Politicians. As the son of immigrants I have a perspective that Americans with generations anchoring them to this country may not have and my goal is to get the Conservative base motivated to get our representative government to stop the wholesale looting of our borders. Like most Conservative and even some Liberal Americans I'm worried about this border threat with both Canada and Mexico. The problem with Mexico is double edged with one edge of the sword, the drain on our social systems(wherein they cost from $75k-$100k more than they but, unfairness to those immigrants waiting in line in the legal line) and the other edge consisting of the Al Qaeda type terrorist threat coming across both borders. Al Qaeda Jihadist types can blend in with Mexicans because similar physical characteristics and the Narco-criminal element pervasive in Mexico. It is interesting that a discussion between a legal immigrant like Mark Steyn and Hugh Hewitt, a native American, discusses aspects of the President's feeling regarding immigration that are reminiscent of some of my posted sentiments on the Immigration Debate! In particular I found Mark Steyn's remarks last Thursday on the HH Show about the President and views on NRO see in RED below supportive of my argument:

HH: Meanwhile, the conservative base is at war with itself, between Mark Tapscott, Jim Geraghty, Stephen Bainbridge, The Corner. I'm sure you're following this.
MS: Well yes, I am. I mean, there's been a fascinating discussion on the Corner at National Review this afternoon, which I think is worth...if people haven't seen, it's worth reading about, what it is the President actually feels about this immigration issue. And the argument is made that he actually feels a genuine special bond with Mexican people, and that he doesn't look on them as foreigners in the same way he loos on, I don't know, Beligians or Slovenes as foreigners. And I think that actually is...there's something to be said for that, that that's the idea that's motivating him on this immigration issue, because it's not just at odds with his base, it's at odds with sanity. The idea of willingly embracing, actively embracing a large, specifically bi-cultural identity, I think, is very dangerous. Bi-cultural societies all over the world are the most unstable.
My position only builds and further probes the possible origin of this concept of the President's "special bond with Mexican people", and his not looking "on them as foreigners"... President Ronald Regan was the first GOP leader to recognize the electoral significance of there Hispanic vote
  • from Time Magazine: In 1980 Ronald Reagan reached out to Lionel Sosa
    • ( an ad-agency owner, Sosa helped U.S. Senator John Tower win his 1978 re-election bid with 37% of the Hispanic vote; no Republican in Texas had ever won more than 8%.,
  • who created gauzy, feel-good ads that focused on the candidate rather than the issues, promising Latinos that Republicans shared their values of family, personal responsibility and hard work. "It's an insight Ronald Reagan gave me," says Sosa, who has worked on six presidential campaigns. "He told me Latinos are Republican. They just don't know it yet." With Sosa's help, George W. Bush snared an estimated 40% of Latino voters in 2004, a huge jump from Bob Dole's 21% in 1996!
I've also source a very interesting article from Hispanic Magazine entitled
"Swaying to a Latin Beat-Presidential Hopefuls Pursue the Hispanic Vote"
published in October 1999 which discusses then candidate George Bush's pursuit of the the Hispanic Vote in Lionel Sousa again is mentioned:
  • During the final, hectic days before the Iowa straw poll, Texas Governor George W. Bush campaigned alongside Emilio Navaira, a Mexican American singing sensation who's been called the Garth Brooks of Texas.
    The Bush presidential campaign lured Emilio, as he is known in country music circles, to sing in Ames, Iowa, the first test of strength for all the Republican contenders for the White House.

    Bush supporters who waived signs proclaiming "Bush-Emilio" caused a rival candidate's campaign aide to quip that he thought for a moment that the governor had picked the singer as his running mate.
    Bush won the straw poll and would have come in first without reaching out to Hispanics in Iowa, who account for a mere 1.6 percent of the state's population and who made up only about 400 of the 24,000 votes cast in the Republican political showdown. But Bush's effort to link himself with a Mexican American singer in Iowa-coming on the
    Texas Governor George W. Bush has strong support from Latinos in his home state and can interact with Hispanics “just as well as the most popular Democrats, like Robert and John Kennedy,” says Texas advertising executive Lionel Sosa.
    heels of criticism for his failure to attend a major Hispanic group's conference in Houston-may have been aimed at a broader Latino audience. Nevertheless, it demonstrates that, for the first time, serious presidential candidates have discovered that they cannot ignore the Hispanic vote, prompting some of them to pursue it as ardently as a poor man woos an heiress.
    Bush and Vice President Al Gore have campaign Web pages in Spanish and make sure they throw in at least a few Spanish words into key speeches. Other candidates have suddenly discovered Univision, Telemundo, and other Latin media, and are for the first time courting Hispanic groups.

    Why are Latinos suddenly such a hot political commodity?
    About six million Latinos are expected to vote in next year's general election, up from the 4.9 million who went to the polls in 1996, the last time the nation picked a president. Hispanics live in every state, but there are high concentrations in "electoral-rich" California, Texas, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, and Florida-considered "must-win" states for the presidency. Latinos are also a political force in smaller states such as New Mexico and Arizona, which may be key presidential campaign battlegrounds next year.

  • Lionel Sosa has been part of Bush's advertising team since the candidate first ran for governor. He says his favorite commercial, aired during that first campaign, showed the candidate at a September 16th Mexican Independence Day parade in Texas "interacting with Latinos just as well as the most popular Democrats, like Robert and John Kennedy."
    Bush's positions on key issues-such as wages, education, affirmative action, and health care-are better than those of his GOP rivals, Hispanic activists say. But Kamasaki of La Raza calls Gore "he most inclusive."
All of these exhibits are submitted to your consideration in addition to these two recents articles which discusses how President Bush thinks his brother, Jeb Would Be a 'Great President' President Says He'd Like To See Brother Run 'At Some Point' (a sentiment I agree with) and the Govenor's recent remarks regarding the tone (Florida Gov. Bush Calls Tone of Immigration Debate `Hurtful'). This last article from a great Govenor of a state with many Hispanics who majored in Latin- American studies and is married to Columba Garnica Gallo(who became a Naturalized American in 1987, shortly before George H. W. Bush was elected President) and has three children: George P. Bush, Noelle Bush, and Jeb Bush, Jr. 1/2 Mexican. Ilove Hispanics as I'm 100% Spanish Blood but 100% a US Born Conservative! I want a Tall Thick Wall on the Border that will make it more difficult for Jihadistic Terrorist sand serve as a handicap for these warriors of the WWIJ(World War on Islamo-Jihadists). I'm just connecting DOTS!....
Thanks for your respected insights, appreciated interest and mostly for reading!
Dominus Vobiscum,
Francis X Yubero, M.D.


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