Tuesday, May 16, 2006

John please prove to me I'm wrong to Jump this Shark named not Bruce but Bernardo

John: You see it is not rocket science to determine that Walls work. I particularly love comments from Hugh yesterday that the White House should put up a Virtual Fence! Llieks idea of a Emilio Island type center on the Mexican Border is great!
John, there must be another agenda in addition to the extra money flowing in the the Social Security Trust fund and cheap labor for business! I know people do not want to recognize it because its a Fire Storm and would be considered ad hominem and would smack of racism or xenophobia.
John it is obvious, I saw the President defending his speech at a press Conference with Ausdtralian Prime Minister John Howard today. Sorry to say our Great President sounded very lame when he spoke of the passionate "Tone" and that we are a nation of immigrants! Come on Mr. President what is the DEAL! Except for the sacking the Catch and Release Program is sounds like a Snow Job. Wouldn't Iraq be in better shape if the Border with Syria wasn't so open? Build a wall and sell the plan by stating the truth, that Al Qaeda wants to destroy America because we are the Democratic and Economic Engine of the World. By building a wall Al Qaeda will have to climb hurdles. A nuke will kill Millions of Hispanics, Eastern Europeans legal, illegal and other Americans as well. Consider what would happen if Al Qaeda operatives blow up San Onofre's Nuclear Power plant. This will cause a Three Mile Island disaster but only worse. Nuclear fallout will drift to Mexico ala Chernobyl. If the USA is hurt so will all people of the Americas be hurt! This is the "strategery" Presidente Arbusto needs to use to keep that Bush Dynasty in power, which I'm in favor of! Jeb Bush is an impressive leader! Americans will not forgive the Bush family if another Jihadists carry out Operation Beslan in California, Texas, Arizona or somewhere else. I like the idea of Presidentes Jeb or George P in the future. I like the Rove Plan to bring to the GOP the Hispanic Major Minority! But a Beslan in the South West will shelf that Idea! It is all a matter of Spin. Presidente Bushes need to spin it this way! Posted at Powder Tracks, Please SCBA tell me why the President is taking the heat for a War in Iraq and not constructing a Wall along the Southern Border when OTM's(Other than Mexicans) are pouring through? It just doesn't make sense. Last night's speech was border window dressing with Beaded Doorways offered up. Please tell me how I'm wrong. I want to be wrong but more than that I want to protect America. Sorry to say I think I'm not jumping Bruce the Mechanical Shark but punching Benardo the Mexican Tibron (Shark) in the NOSE!
I'm not a "Nativist nor a Christianist" I'm the American son of Legal Spanish Immigrants who had to return to Spain when their Visa expired. They waited in line for a Permanent Green card for themselves and my 2 older brothers Gerard and Fernando! Juan Carlos, Lucita and I were American "Anchor Babies" who went back to Spain too. My family returned legally and my Spanish Parents and Brothers were Naturalized! Like most conservatives including the President, I do not want mass deportation but believe in a Wall. The Bushes do not want a Wall and I think I figured out why! Let me be the fall guy and hopefully someone important will pick up my Powder Tracks thread and knock some sense into the Bush Administration. That is what needed to be done after the Harriot Meirs Nomination and look we got Judge "Neo" Alito. No one, not even the President can accuse me of being Racist! I'm nothing but a Son of Immigrants married to a Hispanic woman who is in Love with the USA!
Francisco Javier/Francis Xavier Yubero


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