Thursday, July 20, 2006

"The Leap Frog" is a new event in the quadrennial Olympics of the Presidency

My pal, Jon of Mangled Cat who I believe broke this story on the Blogosphere yesterday gives the best deliberation of Gov. John Huntsman's Jr. endorsement of RINO McCain that I've read so far. Want some great insight from a Radioblogger Silver Bullet Blog Blogrollee go read it you will not be sorry!

Why wouldn't Gov. John Huntsman Jr see this as a Wonderful opportunity to leap frog over his fellow Mormon Politician?
Consider the following:
  • Both Governors are wealthy, smart and ambitious with great Pedigrees:
    • Utah's Gov is the son of billionaire Wharton School of Business Grad and Time Magazine's sixth largest philanthropist in the United States in 2000. Sr. also worked as a staff member in the Nixon administration, and finally worked for Dow Chemical Company before starting his own business in 1982. That business grew into a multi-billion dollar company, Huntsman Chemical.
    • Massachusetts governor is also the son of former Michigan Governor George W. Romney who was the first chairman of the American Motors Corporation.
  • These two Governors are Contemporaries probably very competitive.
  • Mitt Romney is more famous on the National Stage and is getting great grades for his successful tenure in the Blue state of Massachusetts. Additionally he is getting lots of press from his management of the BIG DIG fiasco which has become not only a money pit but a grave too!
  • Huntsman has international experience from his days in the the two Bush Administrations as Ambassador to Singapore in the administration of President George H.W. Bush and as a trade minister to East Asia in the George W. Bush Administration.
  • Romney also has international experience and contacts while providing the leadership that the Salt Lake City 2002 games were in trouble.
  • Huntsman's name is associated with sporting games too! Huntman's World Senior Games held yearly in St. George Utah...
    • In 1989 Jon M. Huntsman, Chairman of the Huntsman Corporation, became the Games' principal sponsor after recognizing that the Games not only fostered lifetime fitness, but also expanded Utah's economic vitality. A proud supporter of the Games, the Huntsman family continues to open the Games personally, with a warm welcome to the athletes and the lighting of the torch in traditional Olympic fashion during at first week Ceremonies.
    • The HUNTSMAN WORLD SENIOR GAMES, as it is known today, began in 1987 as the World Senior Games, an international senior sports competition. Founded by Daisy and John H. Morgan, Jr., the Games began with their vision of an international sports event for men and women ages 55 and better. Both agreed that the golden years were better when good health and physical fitness became a way of life, not an occasional hobby...
  • Romney, a Mormon broke out from the Provinciality of Mormon Utah and has excelled in spite of his Mormon faith which could have limited him any ignorance and xenophobia that non-Mormons may have had.
  • Huntsman is up for reelection in 2008 but given the Challenge Romney posses to McCain, Huntmans sees an opportunity to catch up with hs comtemporary by hooking his car to the McCian train. This leap frog manuver could put Huntman on the same stage as Romney and make he Co-capitain and flag bearer of the up and coming influence of the Mormons in US Political.
  • McCain sees a way to chop the legs out from underneath Romney, his dark horse rival for the GOP nomination. Divide and conquer must be McCain's strategy. Not to mention the fat wallet a future Huntman's VP or Cabinet appointee could bring!
True to the Adage "Politics makes strange bed fellows" in the rough and tumble Olympics of a US Presidential Race, this next quadrennial Electorial Competition looks to be fun and most interesting!....

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