Thursday, September 14, 2006

Luke is the Jesse Jackson of the White Race!

Laura Ingraham had a nice Chess Match with Luke Massie chairman of By Any Means Necessary on Affirmative Action, on her show today.  Lucas' outrageous diatribe reminded me of Her Fuhrer Adolf during his rants of Arian superiority to the German People during the rise of the Third Reich in 1930's.  I bet that saliva was spewing from his lips while spouting his alleged indignation of "Racism in America."    Luke RACE-Stalker of the spaceship Millennium Any Means haranguing on the Laura Ingraham was Hitlarian and he reminded me of a Secular Nazi.  Indeed he was an Elocutionist but given his threatening tone:
  • "Laura I assure that America is Racist and the People will not tolerate this for long...."
it would not take much for this man and those of his ilk to turn into Executionists if one dare disagree with the "Theocracy of Secularism and the Secular State."  Luke is the embodiment of a newly evolving lexicon which would describe him and those of the left as a Verbal-Taliban, Rhetorical-Dictators, Hyperbole-Mullahs, Oratorical Fascists!  Luke was Jesse Jackson-esque in his Race Baiting filibustering on the Ingraham show while pushing this new Secular Fanaticism where only the Left's ideas are acceptable.  Nice Job Laura Ingraham in Queen move which resulted in maneuvering Luke's King(Race Baiting) into a check from which he could not escape.  You brought the lie of Racism in a Rhetorical Game with this Jesse Jackson sycophant to a victorious conclusion. Checkmate Luke!  

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