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Anonymous....Sirhan Sirhan was not such a devote Catholic and it is doubtful he even could even be considered one was even one at all!....

Not so fast Anonymous:  Sirhan Bishara Sirhan was born March 19, 1944, in Jerusalem, Palestine, the fifth son of Palestinians Bishara and Mary (Muzher) Sirhan. The family practiced Maronite Catholicism but religiously Sirhan was shopping around.... His doctrines changed often, the ones holding the longest interest being Baptist, Seventh Day Adventist and several forms of occultism.. I incorrectly thought Sirhan to be a Muslim, but none the less as a Maronite Catholic he was most certainly would be considered apostate....
  • ( Eastern Catholic Church in full communion with the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church).
  • Their heritage reaches back to Maron in the early 5th century. The first Maronite patriarch, John Maron, was appointed in the late 7th century. Today, they are one of the principal religious groups in Lebanon.
Sirhan Sirhan as an adult frequently changed his religious thoughts, to Baptist, Seventh-day Adventist, and Rosicrucianism.[1](According to Émile Dantinne (1884–1969), the origins of the Rosicrucians may have an Islamic connection)" 
The SUS(Special Unit Senator) created by investigators of RFK's murder was created by Assistant U.S. Attorney Robert Brosio, members of the Los Angeles District Attorney office, FBI agent William Nolin, and the LAPD's Chief of Detectives Robert A.Houghton, because "(The case) had historical potential…Because the murder had been committed in Los Angeles, we (LAPD) had jurisdiction. Houghton  wanted all of the assistance and advice he could get (so) we created the SUS." The acronym stood for Special Unit Senator.
Sirhan Sirhan was a Palestinian-born anti-Jewish Arab
"Although he felt strongly about the Middle East situation and expressed the belief that he was ‘disenfranchised from the American establishment,’ Sirhan did not belong to a political party. But (it appeared that he) supported the Baath Party, which operated in the Middle East."
As for his motive in killing Robert Kennedy, the SUS sought that amid the lines of scratch on the pages of his notebooks. Los Angeles alerted the FBI, and within the hour, representatives from all involved law offices were swarming across the lawns of a small frame house at 696 East Howard, Pasadena. Adel, co-owner of the house along with his mother, allowed the police to enter and search. The officers zeroed in on Sirhan Sirhan’s room. There they found an odd assortment of his own writings in a notebook on his desk; hate remarks about Senator Kennedy. One scribble read simply, "RFK must die."Scrawlings between their covers brought hard accusation. They read, "RFK must die," "Robert F. Kennedy must be assassinated before June 5, 1968," and "My determination to eliminate RFK is becoming more (and) more of an unshakable obsession…(He) must be sacrificed for the cause of the poor exploited people."
Furthermore Anonymous, with regard to the Islamic question Kennedy was murdered almost 40 years ago but today most of the Terrorist are Muslims who kill other Muslims form other sects and so called "Infidels" like us.  The Terrorist are of all Nationalities(see below) but the common denominator uniting them is their Islamic Religion!.....
  • ‘Homegrown terrorists’ arraigned in court Documents: Group sought to ‘kill all the devils we can,’ eyed Sears Tower were all nice Muslim boys

  • In March 2006, Mohammad Reza Taheri-azar, a 22-year-old Iranian native who graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill in December and was a nice Muslim fella, rented a Jeep Cherokee Laredo from a local rent-a-car dealership and launched his attack against college students.  Nine people were injured — none seriously — in Taheri-azar's rampage. On Monday, he made his first appearance in Orange County District Court, where prosecutors read out the 18 charges levied against him, including nine counts of attempted murder.

    • Taheri-azar has not exactly been ambiguous about his motives. "I'm thankful you're here to give me this trial and to learn more about the will of Allah," Taheri-azar said to District Court Judge Pat DeVine. More information will likely come to light in coming weeks, but this much is clear: Taheria-azar intended his attack as a response to U.S. foreign policy, and by doing so he thought that he would be viewed as a martyr by radical Islamists who promote terror worldwide.

  • Sgt. Hasan Akbar, found guilty of murder in 2003 attack against fellow American Soldeirs was a nice Muslim Trooper!... 

  • Canadian Beheading Plot

    • Suspect Accused Of Plan To Storm Parliament, Kill MPs And Prime Minister.At least one member of a group of terror suspects plotted to storm Canada's parliament and behead officials, including the prime minister, if Muslim prisoners in Canada and Afghanistan were not released, according to charges made public Tuesday.


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