Sunday, September 10, 2006

Tim Russert 's Scrooge-esque like Performance with Vice-President Cheny

The Vice President gave a superbly sound and competent performance with the Democratic Prosecutor representing the Liberal Media and the Donkey Political Party, Tim Russert, on Meet the "Democratic full Court" Press!
Who is Tim Russert? I know who Tim Russert is but my description may be considered "Biased and/or Partisan" because I'm a conservative. So lets read what a Main Stream Media Colleague says of him:
  • Howard Kurtz of CNN in an Interview With Tim Russert which Aired May 23, 2004
      • HOWARD KURTZ, HOST (voice-over): He's been called the toughest interrogator on television. He's interviewed presidents and would-be presidents, foreign dignitaries and big-name athletes. He's the kid from Buffalo who became the ultimate Washington insider. A conversation with Tim Russert:
        KURTZ: Welcome to RELIABLE SOURCES, where today we turn our critical lens on the man behind "Meet the Press." I'm Howard Kurtz.
        Tim Russert was fresh out of law school when he signed on with Daniel Patrick Moynihan and later Mario Cuomo as a Democratic operative whose media skills were so effective it was said that opponents had been "Russerted."
        He made the career leap to NBC News in 1984, became Washington bureau chief four years later, and in 1991 became host of the network's struggling Sunday talk show.
        Russert not only took the program to the top of the ratings heap....

If you did not see Vice President Cheney's review on today September 10, 2006 I hope it was TIVO-ed as it is chalk full of material for Talk Radio Commentators to comment on next week. See it here....VP Cheney was resolute, logical, perceptive and facile at untwisting the tangled position of Russert and the Democrats. In a word, he was unflappable and Russert's strong offensive attacks were not only stopped but jujitsued causing Russert to stand down to some extent. The VP was calm, confident and realistic! Barking Russert was Scrooge-esque huddling over his pile of questions written on his ledger reminding me of Albert Finney as Scrooge in the old 1970 version of Charles Dickens classic!
It would be nice if Tim Russert would have a "Scrooge" like change of heart and recognize the reality of the Isalmo-Fascistic threat that he along with his MSM Colleagues and his allies in the Democratic leadership refuse to recognize. Indeed, it is ironic that the very Opinion Polls Russert uses to try and intimidate the VP and Bush administrations about how the American Public has soured on the Iraq War and the Global War on Terror is more an artifact of his very own "Democratic operative media skills." Which are "so effective.."
There is no doubt that we the American People are Russert's and his cohorts in the MSM and Democratic Leadership "Opponents" who have "been "Russerted."
These are not my words but CNN's Howard Kurtz's. I hope the ghost of Fascist Past come to visit Tim Russert and help him with a much needed conversion so that his talents are aligned with the side of America that realizes we need to be Bold and Fight the Islamo-Fascists Caliphate Fighting Imperialists who want us infidels decapitated or turned into Dhiminnis.....


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