Saturday, July 29, 2006

US Border Guard is Double Knot Illegal

US Border Guard
  • Border Patrol Agent Oscar Antonio Ortiz brought a certain inside knowledge to his job policing the U.S.-Mexican frontier: He had come to the United States illegally and was once arrested and accused of trying to drive two illegal immigrants across from Mexico. But his superiors did not know any of that when he applied for a job with the Border Patrol, because he had a fake birth certificate that said he was from Chicago.
and Home Land Security Nightmare occurs when an Illegal becomes a US Border Patrol by faking that he is a US National of Hispanic Heritage and becomes a Coyote! Mr. President more Border Patrols and especially if they are like this Kye-Yo-Tay is not the solution. National Guard is not the answer either but a Wall is the answer Sir! Every body but Businesses and Democrats want a Wall like they have in Israel why don't you, Sir????


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