Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I think he is a Muslim and I have one source and clues to the name..

Originally it was spelled in the Salt Lake Trib Solejman but now spelled Sulejman.  I believe origin of the name is that of an Ottoman Sheik and "In Islamic history, Suleyman is regarded as the perfect Islamic ruler in history"
I found this on the Jawa Report

Terrorism in Salt Lake City?

Wow. Remember, do not question his motives. I dunno if the fact that Sulejman Talovic is a Muslim refugee has anything to do with this vile act, but since we are kind of at war with the jihadis, it does seem like a good place to start.
More research leads me to this guy which I do not think is the killer or has any thing to do with him but the name is spelled the same on this myspace website and there is lots of Islamic rhetoric on it. 
  • Sulejman aka S.E.E [soldierz eazy eko] age:15 City:B.R.1.5.T.0.L aka Pistol City...... is real out ere if u wanna know more bout me go 2 ma musicspace on ma top friendz list..
  From the SLC Trib:  Kenneth K. Hammond,an off duty-police officer from Ogden, saying he prevented more people from being killed at Trolley Square on Monday.
    Officer Kenneth K. Hammond, a six year veteran of the Ogden Police Department, was having dinner with his wife Monday when the shooting started, said Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank.
    Burbank said the officer, who was carrying a sidearm but did not have extra magazines or equipment, sought the source of the shots and found the gunman, 18-year-old Sulejman Talovic, of Salt Lake City.
    The officer exchanged fire with Talovic and contained him to one area of the mall, the chief said.
What a brave man this fellow from Odgen!  Congrats, Sir
I hope I am wrong but this is too strange.   Remember the Seattle Jewish Federation Killer last July? 

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