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Sulejman Talovic Mainstream Media Diagnosis is Challenged....

"Nobody knows," Omerovic said. "We don't know who [gave] him the guns." from the SLC Tribune

Lori Dyer, resident agent in charge of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms in Utah, said the bureau has no information indicating Talovic obtained the guns or ammunition illegally. But the ATF still needs to do more research on the guns' histories.
Some one got this boy the .38 caliber handgun which is illegal for an 18 year old to buy. The Shotgun can be legally bought by an 18 year old for Hunting(that sure doesn't look like a quail or duck hunting shotgun I've ever used). It looks more like a Mad Max styled assault shortened barrel shotgun with a retractable stock.
  • From So could have he have done it legally? From what we understand, to buy a handgun in Utah the buyer must be 21 years old. However, if a parent buys a gun for their son or daughter, who is under the age of 21, then it is considered legal. As far as rifles are concerned, to accommodate hunters, a buyer only needs to be 18.

Talovic's relatives have referred to him as "a very nice person" who had never hurt anyone.
Omerovic said Talovic had no history of violence. "He never, never [hurt anyone]. He was very nice person."

"Everything about him was nice. Everybody said so," said his father, Suljo
SLC Tribune

  1. Not Sulejman Talovic's first act of violence.
  2. At age 12, Talovic in court for allegedly holding a knife over the head of a girl while stating, "I'll kill you," according to a source who is familiar with the case.
  3. Two years earlier, Talovic had been referred to court for throwing rocks at a little girl. The first girl was not struck by the stones. And the mother of the second girl snatched her up just as Talovic took a swipe with the blade, according to the source, who has seen court documents relating to the case.
  4. The rock-throwing incident occurred on Sept. 23, 1999. During a juvenile court trial, the allegations were found to be true, although Talovic denied them
  5. About the same time, he threatened his family's landlord with a knife.

  1. FBI spokesman Patrick Kiernan said investigators are aware of Talovic's juvenile criminal history and are considering what role it might have played in the Trolley Square shootings.
  2. The few people who knew Talovic well said his later years were peaceful and more promising, though he struggled to find his place in society.
    SLC Tribune a news and media portal about Serbia and Balkans surveying the western press and providing it to the public claims that the father, Suljo Talovic, was a member of the was in the Bosnia Army and had to leave the family along with other Muslim men in Sebrenica, were they lived after their home town of Talovici(family name?) fell into Serb hands. Suljo and other men had to escape the Serbs who attacked and massacred many Bosniaks. Apparently Sebrenica was used as a base of operations from which the Muslims committed atrocities and ethic cleaning on surrounding Serb villages.
During that period, he spent some time in Srebrenica. Before being captured bySerb forces, Srebrenica was used by Bosnian Muslims to massacre all the Serbs in all of the nearby villages only and was later these same Muslims were captured when the town fell.(spelling and wording corrected)
"Suljo, the father, headed over the mountains and forests with his comrades as well. Many left the village, but only a few made it."

The teen gunman left Srebrenica two years before the massacre, but acquaintances suggested it may have left an indelible mark on the quiet little boy they knew.
A 1995 peace agreement ended the war but left their native Talovici in the Serb-controlled half of the country to which the family did not dare return.
"We know they ended up in the United States. We never saw them again. It was a wonderful family," said Zijad Cerkic, 33, the family's next-door neighbor in government-controlled Tuzla.
Apart from eight elderly returnees, Talovici village has been a virtual ghost town since 1993. All but two houses are in ruins, including the home of Sulejman's family, said former neighbor Adem Huric, 38.
Many mujahedeen from Muslim states came in Bosnia to fight in 1992-95 war and committed monstrous atrocities against Serb civilians.

Byzatine Orthodoxy Sacred Art comments on Suljman's Father:
  • It turns out the killer's father was a member of the mujahedeen army during the Bosnian war, and the guy who walked in the Trolley Square Mall in Salt Lake City twelve years later in a trench coat, armed up to his teeth, and calmly gunned down nine Americans at random, including a fifteen year old girl, is one of thousands of Muslim children Serbian army has sent to safety from Srebrenica in 1995, along with their mothers and other family members (murderer's father, mujahedeen fighter, escaped together with the number of other Srebrenica jihadists
I think it is worth reading about another perspective of the Bosnia War from a Serbian immigrant and blogger named Svetlana who blogs at Byzatine Orthodoxy Sacred Art. She has an non MSM perspective that young Sulejman, the Murderer was a misplaced and psychologically traumatized guy who was treated poorly by other kids in school yada yada yada dribble... Why is that only Muslim immigrants seem to "lose it"? I do not see other war torn immigrants like Vietnamese, Serbian or Croatian going postal on us Americans....Hmmmmm?
The perspective of a Serbian immigrant on the Sulejman Trolley Square Rampage is worth reading. Let us be PC Liberals and Conservative and consider all sides and perspectives!...
Bosnian Muslim Utah killer, Sulejman Talovic
Bosnian Muslim mass murderer Sulejman Talovic, named after another mass murderer, the Muslim conqueror of the Balkans,
Suleiman the Magnificent.

Bosnian Muslim

Utah Massacre:

Serbs did That Too!

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