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Mauritian Airliner Hijacked by Algerian National after Al Qaeda declares War on Mauritius because they recognize Isreal

The Hijacker of the Mauritian Airliner is Algerian as reported in Spain's ABC Newspaper, (sorta like the New York Times of Spain). He demanded to go to Paris. However there was not enough fuel so he demanded a landing in Morocco for a refill but they refused so they went to the Spanish island of Gran Canary. The Pilot purposely landed hard and the Hijacker fell and was then jumped on and restrained by alert passengers. No reason for the hijacking has been given yet by the Spanish Minister of the Exterior or Interior. He is being questioned per the Spanish Press and Government Officials.

Interestingly Al Qaeda's second banana Ayman al-Zawahri is upset at Mauritius for recognizing Israel and put the call out to Muslims saying they "should attack Mauritania's leaders for recognizing Israel.
  • From Hallelujah Worldwide
    The hijacking came on same day that Spain began the trial of 29 people, mostly Moroccans, for the 2004 Madrid train bombings which killed 191 people, and days after al Qaeda called for attacks on Mauritania's rulers.
    In an audio message quoted by Arab media this week, al Qaeda's second-in-command Ayman al-Zawahri said Muslims should attack Mauritania's leaders for recognizing Israel.
    "I call especially on our people in Mauritania ... to take a sincere jihadi stand against treacherous rulers who recognized Israel and betrayed the Islamic nation," Zawahri said.
The Odd thing is that Mauritius is mostly Hindu and Catholic with a smaller but sizable Muslim population:

From Wikipedia:
Mauritius is made up of people with the following religions:
Of all religiously affiliated Mauritians, Hindus constitute 52%, Catholic Christians 28%, Muslims (16.6%), Buddhists (2.5%), Adventist Protestants (2%), Sikhs (0.3%) and other religions are also followed
The large Majority of Algerians are Muslim 99% of Algerians are Sunni Moslem. It sounds suspicious and France has over 5-10 million Muslims most of which are Algerian a from French Colony.
Symposium: Muslims in France: A Ticking Time Bomb?
By Jamie Glazov on July 4, 2005

"but according to official estimates, there are 6 million Muslims in France, that is 10 percent of the population. Unofficial estimates point at an even higher figure, suggesting as many as 8-9 million Muslims...
Best I can do until more info is released by the Spanish Officials. they probably will sit on the info because the al Qaeda Madrid Bombing criminal trials are in their second day of deliberation and tensions are high. I wonder if Al Qaeda's Top Killer Canine Bin Laded and his chief Lieutenant Ayman al-Zawahri Will rescend their declaration of war on the Spanish? EspaƱoles do not count on it! Al Andalus(the Iberian Peninsula) you belong to them!...
AP Image
Composite image of suspects in Madrid train bombings: Top l-r; Emilio Suarez Trashorras, Jamal Zougam, Rabei Osman. Bottom (l-r); Hasan al Haski, Youssef Belhadj and Abdelmajid Bouchar.
3/6 Al Qaeda Terrorist with Wahhabi-style beard one a nascent one ala Sulejman Talovic

Madrid Train Bombings Trial Begins

2004 Explosions Killed 191 People


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