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Sulejman Talovic 's Islamic Beard and Ritual Bath prior to Jihad

The Guns used by this nice Muslim Boy
Salt Lake City's Finest assumes the offensive position against Sulejman Talovic, the Hadith mandated Bearded Jihadist, at Trolley Square Mall who Al Qaeda like killed 5 innocent "Indifdels" and wounded 4 others. Most of these innocent victims which were at a Card Shop. Indeed a Hallmark like Card Shop buying Valentine Cards.
  • A card store called Cabin Fever -- where some of the bodies were found -- won't reopen until Feb. 21, but the owner offered free Valentine's Day cards outside the door. The sign said: "Don't forget to tell someone you love them Wednesday."
Turns out Muslims do not like Saint Valentine's Day and Card were attacked in Asia this year and last! (see Michelle Malkin)
From CNN Under strict Islamic rules, men must remain bearded
From Wikipedia:Islam
Some Muslims believe that it is mandatory by Islamic law to grow the beard because in Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 72, Hadith # 780: The Prophet said, "Do the opposite of what the pagans do. Keep the beards and cut the moustaches short."
The intent of this hadith is, however, a point of ongoing discussion and interpretation, and the fundamental interpretation is not currently the only accepted one among Muslims. This hadith, placed in historical context, is seen by some as an order at that time and in that place to distinguish one's self from the surrounding non-Muslims, largely for security and cultural reasons, for that situation. It is presently not uncommon for practicing Muslims in Islamic and Western countries to not grow their beards.
In addition, following the Prophet's actions is very important as well since he was proclaimed as a walking Quran and Muslims try their utmost to follow the teachings of the Quran. Since the Prophet kept a beard, many Muslim men keep beards to follow his actions and the teachings of the religion. Depending on their sect, they have differing opinions on how the Prophet Muhammad wore his.
As with hadith, however, following the Prophet's actions is also a point where fundamentalist vs. contextual interpretations come into play. Therefore, many Muslims do shave, since it is generally considered to be virtuous, but not required, to grow a beard.
Photograph of and link to Adam Yahiye Gadahn

Photograph of USAMA BIN LADEN


The Al-Qaeda network in Lebanon and Palestinian Authority
The Elite of Al-Qaeda in Lebanon - Munir Maqda with cellular phone
Ahmad as-Saavi, with Kalashnikov rifle
Wanted per Amnesty Int.
Iranian Minister of Information and Security
(in charge of Iran's secret service)
Hojjatoleslam Ali Fallahian
Bearded Ayatollahs of Iran
One varietal of Miltant Islam formulated by "ayatollahs" like Fallahia in Iran who ordered many killings. During his term in the Ministry of Information many serial killing took place. Many intellectuals, including Darioush and Parvaneh Forouhar were killed, the killer or killers never tried and justice never served...
Don't believe me about these importance of Beards in the Jihadist then read the Associated Press who picked up this story 3 days ago:
  • Suspected Islamic Militants Warn Barbers
  • "Suspected Islamic radicals have issued a Taliban-style warning to barbers in a Pakistani border town not to shave off or cut their customers' beards, saying it offends Islam, residents said Monday.
During the course of the 20th and now 21th century a Medieval form of Islam has staged a comeback and it now has worldwide appeal to a small percentage of the Ummah(the Muslim community or people, considered to extend from Mauritania to Pakistan; "moderate Muslims urge the Ummah to reject the terrorism of radical Muslims" ) but still numbers in the millions because of the 1.5 billion Muslims in the world. Thus it has tremendous power and its long arm reaches the homes and minds of American Muslims like Suljeman Talovic in SLC Utah via the internet and Mosques. This Militant Islam or Islamism has its roots in Egypt dating back to the 1928. An organization called the Muslim Brotherhood first emerged officially known as The Society of the Muslim Brothers", often simply الإخوان al-ikhwān, "the Brotherhood"). founded Also known as the Muslim Brethren Hassan al-Banna. Al Banna's taught and preached a “doctrine of reclaiming Islam’s manifest destiny; an empire, founded in the seventh century, that stretched from Spain to Indonesia.
For details and sources, see the main History of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt article.
It is a world-wide Islamist movement, which has spawned several religious and political organizations in the Middle East dedicated to the credo: "God is our objective, the Quran is our Constitution, the Prophet is our leader, struggle is our way, and death for the sake of God is the highest of our aspirations." As stated on its charter and its website [1], the Muslim Brotherhood seeks to install a just Islamic empire and a Caliphate across the Muslim world, through stages designed to Islamicize targeted Muslim majority nations by all lawful means available. Since its inception in 1928 and throughout the world, except in few places like Israel and the Palestinian Territories, the movement has stated its opposition to violence and adopted political means to achieve its goals. This position has caused, at times, disputes within the movement which lead to the formation of more radical groups such as the Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya (The Islamic Group) and Al Takfir Wal Hijra (Excommunication and Migration). Osama bin Laden, while studying at a university, was impressed by several professors with strong ties to the Muslim Brotherhood but disagreed with their non-violence methodology. Among its members was Muhammad Qutb, an Egyptian, whose brother, the late Sayyid Qutb, had written one of the Brotherhood’s most important tracts about anti-colonial jihad (struggle).
Again their goal as stated by founder Hassan al-Banna was the “doctrine of reclaiming Islam’s manifest destiny; an empire, founded in the seventh century, that stretched from Spain to Indonesia
The Brotherhood is one of the most influential movements in the Islamic world, and especially so in the Arab world. It was founded in Egypt and Egypt is considered the center of the movement; it is generally weaker in the Maghreb, or North Africa, than in the Arab Levant.
These other forms of Islam initiated by Shi'it clergies are based on the belief in descendents of Ali 4th Imam. Osama bin LadinTaliban style is anthor new Militant forms of Islam which iss Medeval and wants to take over the World with arm struggle. All this is fueled by the Petro-dollars and Euros paid by the Occidental world to these Fanatics.
This is Islamism and differs in many ways from traditional Islam. It is faith turned into ideology, and a radical one. Islam like other religions should be a personal belief system of individuals. But Islamism is a Theocracy running and governing a the society and all its people.
The Internet is a tool being used by the Jihadists to spawn Brown Shirt like Jahdis who sport an Islamic Hadith type Beard. The News Reported that Sulejman Talovic worked his normal shift at a local company came home "Showered"
  • Wudu or the ritual washing with water which must be performed before prayer by Muslims. The Jihadist perform Wudu and Purify Themselves through ablution and ritual washing
  • In order to enter into the faith of submission to Allah,the Creator prior to death the Jihadist perform "Wudu or Ritual Washing" by cleansing oneself with a shower or bath.
and then loaded up with a pump-action 12-gauge shotgun, strapped a bandolier around his torso
and threw a backpack loaded with extra ammunition for his illegal .38-caliber handgun. Talovic met his first two victims as he left the parking lot, firing off two rounds as they fell helplessly to the ground.
"Die, motherf!!!!!," Talovic yelled at them, according to witnesses.
He then moved deliberately through the ground floor, firing round after round at helpless others. Witnesses inside said Talovic sometimes said nothing, and other times would either say "Die, motherf!!!!!," and ordered his victims not to look him in the face.
Eventually, five people were slaughtered and four were seriously wounded after Sulejman went on his his "Al Qaeda" like shoot 'em up rampage killing
Jeffrey Walker, 52
Vanessa Quinn, 29
Teresa Ellis, 29
Brad Frantz, 24
Kirsten Hinckley, 15
Wounded & Hospitalized
Allen Walker, 16, son of Jeffrey Walker
Carolyn Tuft, 44 the mother of Kirsten Hinckley
Shawn Munns, 34
Stacy Hansen, 53
Rest in Peace

Sulejman is the Slavic version of the 16th century Muslim conqueror of the Balkans named
SÜleyman the Magnificent.
According to virtually all media outlets, no motive has been determined, and few have dared to speculate that it was the trauma of the Bosnia War. Will if Sulejman remembers that trauma from when he was 3 to six years old then he should remember that Americans saved Tens of thousands and potentially millions of his Muslim Countrymen. If he is smart enough to get an illegal .38 caliber handgun then he is smart enough to go to Bosnia and wage war on Slobadan Milosevic cronies still hanging out in Bosnia. Why kill your allies the Americans Sulejman? I do not buy this incompetent Freudian Analysis by the FBI and Mainstream Media.....Sulejman's mind was poisoned by something why not check his Computer and see what internet sites he has been trolling on and you'll find your answer.
Here is another verion of the Bosnian War and Srebrencia:
  • by Mary Mostert
  • The "official" story about Srebrenica, sold to the world by Bosnian Muslims, was that the Serbs out of the clear blue sky attacked the "UN safe haven city" of Srebrenica and massacred 8000 men and boys." Only, the actual body count was about 2500. A reported 3000 of the 8000 massacred Bosnian Muslims have since voted in Bosnian elections. I've been researching and writing about this for 10 years. It seems that the "unarmed" men in Srebrenica had actually been plundering, raiding and killing Serbs in nearby villages for years prior to the supposed "Srebrenica massacre" of 1995. In fact, by 1995, more than 100 Serb villages were destroyed and about 2000 Serbian civilians were killed.Since Americans were getting nearly all of this story at the time from CNN, and their reporter in Bosnia was Christiane Amanpour, a Muslim, they never heard that part of the story. Before I knew she was a Muslim, I got curious as to why CNN never ONCE interviewed a Serb during the Bosnia war that I started researching. In 1996 I wrote an article titled "Ethnic Cleansing under NATO's Watchful Eye in Bosnia — Where are the missing 150,000 Serbs?"
  • Most Americans have either forgotten or never knew that the Bosnian Muslims and Albanians, and the Croatians were all ardent supporters of Adolf Hitler during WWII, while the Serbs, who were on our side, suffered more than a million deaths in the Holocaust at the hands of the Croatians (and Tito was a Croatian), Albanians and Bosnians. The Jasenovac concentration camp in Croatia killed 600,000 Serbs, Jews and Gypsies (Roma).I received some very nasty e-mail about that article from Bosnian Muslims, some of whom personally threatened me. It is my policy to respond to e-mail comments on my articles, whether people love or hate what I say. One of the Bosnian Muslims who was really angry about that Legion of Merit was Almir Ramic, who claimed he was an employee of the United Nations in Srebrenica at the time the Serbs attacked. In an e-mail exchange with me Ramic made a statement I'd never read or heard ANYWHERE. He said the Bosnians at Srebrencia had been armed by UN personnel. We were told they were unarmed, which made the deaths a "massacre."I posted the exchange of e-mail, and it is still posted in my archives with the title: Former UN Employee Admits UN Armed Srebrenica Muslims He said that the armed men of Srebrenica, fled from the city WITH their weapons — leaving their women and children behind. The Serbs did not harm the women and children, but did put them in trucks and sent them after their fleeing menfolk.In July of 2005, on the 10th year anniversary of to so-called Srebrenica Massacre, Alex, a Serb reader in Belgrade provided me additional information that Americans have never been told which I posted and titled The Massacre and the Missing Bodies — Srebrenica, 10 years on.We have just experienced here in Utah the largest mass murder in the history of our State, committed by a Bosnian Muslim who, we area told by other Bosnian Muslims, was a "good boy " and therefore we shouldn't be concerned about Bosnian Muslims in our midst or possible terrorism in our State.
If this were a Serb Refugee that destroyed lives the MSM would make an issue of hisd Orthodox Chritianity. Of course the Media will never focus on this but rather Ana Nicole Smith's problems and how President Bush is a lying about the Explosive Penetrating Projectiles from Iran killing US and Iraqi Soldiers.......


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