Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Dear Catholic brother Sean Hannity: Birth Control Pills are Abortifacients


by Charles M. Mangan

It is imperative that a crucial distinction be trumpeted far and wide. Surgical abortion is the common procedure whereby one goes to a hospital or clinic to snuff out the life of a preborn child. Recent figures indicate that there are between 1,300,00 and 1,400,000 surgical abortions annually in the United States.

Chemical abortion, on the other hand, is the taking of innocent preborn human life—as in surgical abortion—but by "silent" means of drugs and devices. The act of chemical abortion is usually not as "dramatic" as surgical abortion, but it is nevertheless just as real and deadly. An innocent preborn child made in the image of God is dead whether by surgical or chemical means.
This essential information must be quickly and clearly transmitted by bishops in their pastoral letters, priests in their homilies, catechists in their religious education classes, married couples in their instructions to engaged couples, etc. Furthermore, Catholic health care professionals must do all they can to pass this word along. Catholic pharmacists need to be courageous in confronting this evil and refuse to fulfill prescriptions for these notorious "human pesticides." If Catholic pharmacists along with Catholic physicians and nurses pledged to cease their complicity with chemical means of abortion, a new era would dawn signaling a fresh love and respect for innocent preborn human life.

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