Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Amnesty and Presidente Bush ...Que Pasa? No se?

Just Shy of 60 Million Conservative Americans voted for Presidente Boosche and ~56 voted for John D's at Yale Kerry in the last election. El Presidente does not care about ticking off the base because he is not running. This Am-Nasty Bill is weaker than the one proposed last year which only came about after Conservatives complained. It was a farce and El Presidente of Las Americas was trying to schmooze us Conservatives so that interim elections did not go South. Little happened on the Wall in the last year and now this switch and bait. Think about you folks are smart. It doesn't make sense if they claim that there are only 12 million illegals. Why tick off ~60 million Security Moms and Dads for 12 million(more like 18-20)? Presidente Boosche wants the the Hispanification of the USA in spite of the windfall votes for the Democrats. Presidente Boosche has sold Conservative America out. Has he got some secret deal with the Mexican Government to develop the antiquated Oil Industry in Mexico with America getting the first rights to purchase oil. This would be interesting but Mexicans never ever true to a deal. Americans can only lease ocean front land in Mexico. Years ago American Ex-patriots had their US dollars automatically converted into worthless pesos. I do not not what is the deal. I do not buy this nonsense that Boosche is a such a good Christian and he thinks this is the right thing to do. Something is rotten in the state of Texas and in D.C.? Why this Hispanification of the USA? Truly Que Pasa? I have my theory but I wander what you. George Boosche is turning the GOP in to a permanent Paralytic!...Insane and it does not add up except to ending the GOP and why? What if an attack comes from the Southern Border with Mexico and hits San Onofre Nuclear Plant or somthing horrible like that? He'll go down as the worst President in our History! I burning up neurons trying to figure out what Winston Churchill would call "
"....It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key. That key is Russian (Bush)national interest."
Did you see these article about the border announced on the Ingraham show? Gotta to Know what other people think.
  1. BAD NEWS IN MEXICO: From The Houston Chronicle: "The most ruthless gang of drug-cartel hit men in Mexico are deserters from the army's elite. But the Zetas, as the ex-soldiers are known, may not be the only troops who abandoned their posts to work for the cartels." Read on.
  2. The National Security Nightmare: from the Heritage Foundation!


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