Friday, June 15, 2007

Like Davy Jone's heart the Bush Amnesty Lives!

This bill reminds me of the Flying Dutchman as the bill seem to be in Davey Jones' locker but now it is back thanks to Presidente Bush. The Bush Family is acting like the Davy Jones character in the Pirates Movie who has been transformed by is Passions. Tony Snow-Job took a beating from Laura Ingraham yesterday and he reminded me of Tom Hagen(Robert Duval), the Consiglieri of the Godfather. Remember before the Snow-JOB was a conservative Talk Show Host he was a Speech writer and head of Media for Papa Bush 41.

It is a foregone conclusion that Immigration to our Great Country is for sell! The price Votes. The President,for Personal and Political reasons(this was the first thing he focused on as Vicente Fox was one of his first guest at the Casa Blanca when he was elected then 911 happened), the Democrats and Republicans need a class of Voting Drones to keep them in power. See this website for the Bush Mexican Connection a little out there on its assertions but even if 1/2 is true look out America!

Indeed Baron's did an expose on Papa Bush in September 1988 on 41's Mexican Connection. See my site for a Microfiche version at my site Click on each page separately and place the cursor at the bottom left of the page for the zoon icon to appear. It is not the best copy but will blow your minds.

There is the Ruling Class, the Celebs, the Super Rich and now the new immigrants who do not even speak English who will keep the Plutarchs in Power. The Bush family will get at least one more President with George P. Bush, Jeb's son whose mother is a Mexican National and according to USA Today his grandfather was a Migrant Worker, Jose Maria Garnica.(

You and I do not count. The Liberals have a nexus with the GOP, President Bush and the Business and Elite Establishment types. All these forces are aligned. Good Thing me and my family speak Spanish. I spend half my time as a Physician speaking Spanish to Workman Comp Patients.

I hope the Hispanic Islamic converts aren't Suicide Maniacs who are coming from Columbia, and tri-border area Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina, where they have one of the largest Mosque outside of the Middle East. We will not get a WALL it all a joke. We can build a Space Station but not a Wall! Why?....the Ruling Plutarchs do not want one. It is bad for BUSINESS and New Hispanic VOTES. The Bush family has been after the Hispanic vote for years. Just google Lionel Sosa and Mathew Dowd, bush advisors for campaigns. These votes will are being secured for the next Presidente Bush, as in Goerge P. George now longer works as a Lawyer but for a Charter Holdings a Real Estate Investment firm. He also has joined the
Military(Politico) as an Intelligence Officer in the Naval Reserve. Bush 41 was in the Navy and head of the CIA. Like Jeb, who made his millions in Real Estate so will his son. George P is now a member of the board of directors of the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce and the Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. During the 2004 campaign, he was a clerk for a federal judge; the Hatch Act prevented him from getting involved until the final months, when he had a heavy schedule of appearances in swing states with large Hispanic populations, including Florida, Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico. However, Jeb,his father, was not Pre-Law in college but majored Latin American Studies before making Millions with Armando Codina in Real Estate in Florida. Is this a pattern?

Indeed George p. claimed his Mama, Columba Garnica Gallo, taught him that he must "Fight For His Race" from Reuters, Aug. 2, 2000(could not find) but excerted from American Renaissance
George P. Bush is the son of Florida Governor Jeb Bush and his Mexican-born wife Columba – which makes him the nephew of the Republican candidate for President. At a recent Republican rally he spoke in fluent Spanish about how his mother had instilled in him the values of Cesar Chavez, the Chicano who organized farmworkers. "She told me we have to fight for our race, we have to find the leaders who represent us," he said. About his uncle the candidate, he said, "This is a President who represents the diversity of our society, who we can count on to change the Republican Party to represent our views." (Reuters, Aug. 2, 2000.)
However Columba Bush is estranged from her Papa and George P.'s abuelito. As I have written before, Jeb Bush's father-in-law was a Migrant worker and is trying to make up with his famous daughter. I googled Jose Maria Garnica and look what comes up.,,2-1659_981399,00.html

Bush in-law hopes to reconcile with daughter
15/02/2001 09:52 - (SA)
Silao, Mexico - Jose Maria Garnica has newspaper photos of his daughter Columba and her husband, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, along with articles on his grandson, who lobbied for the Latino vote during his uncle's presidential campaign.

But that's about the only information he has on his daughter's family. Garnica says he hopes President George W. Bush's visit to Mexico on Friday may help him make peace with his 47-year-old daughter.

Garnica said he hopes to catch a glimpse of Bush. He has gained the support of several local leaders and has a framed poster of Jesus he wants to give the president.

Local broadcasters and newspapers have portrayed Garnica as the victim of an ungrateful daughter. Reforma, one of Mexico's leading newspapers, accused Columba of "forgetting her roots". She hasn't responded, and declined to speak with The Associated Press.

Families divided by a border are common in Mexico. Garnica said he travelled to California in 1960 - when Columba was about 7 years old - got construction work and brought his family north four years later. By then, he and his wife had grown apart and they soon separated, the father said, adding that Columba continued to visit him in California.

Columba Bush has said her father left the family when she was 3.

Garnica said their three children - Columba, Francisco and Lucila - spent time with both parents in Mexico and California.

He said he last saw Columba in 1973, when she told him she was going to the post office in La Puente, California. They haven't talked since.

"That was so many years ago," the 77-year-old Garnica said. "Twenty-seven years isn't just a little bit. It's almost a lifetime."

Garnica said his daughter Lucila called him this week and told him to stop talking to the media, saying he was "hurting Columba".

"I don't want to hurt her, but everything I say is true," he said.

A spokeswoman for Jeb Bush, Katie Baur, said it was a "personal, family issue" and Columba Bush wouldn't comment.

Columba Bush has kept a relatively low profile. The only time she made national headlines was when she failed to declare $19 000 worth of clothing at customs after a Paris shopping spree. She paid a $4 100 fine.

Garnica receives pension and social security checks from the United States - money that lets him live comfortably in Silao, a town 320km northwest of Mexico City and a short distance from the ranch where President Vicente Fox and Bush will meet on Friday.

Garnica said he met Jeb Bush only once, in California, when Bush and Columba were dating. The couple met when she was 17 and Bush was on an exchange programme in Mexico.

When the couple was living in Houston, Garnica said he got their telephone number and called.

Jeb Bush answered and told him Columba wasn't available, Garnica said. He thanked Jeb for taking care of his daughter. Bush responded, "It's because I love her," Garnica said.

"It made me feel good to hear that," Garnica said.

This will be a Nice Platform for Jeb and Columba's son to get the Hispanics' Votes someday don't ya think? Indeed Blood is thicker than water but not as Thick as Votes.....

Even George H.W. Bush--the patriarch of the namesakes--is getting into the swing of things. Sources tell TIME that the former President, who once famously referred to his Mexican-American grandchildren, including George P., as "the little brown ones," recently urged his son's campaign to hold a national Hispanic event aimed at luring Hispanics away from the Democrats. The way things are going, the Republican Convention will be a fiesta de la familia

Alberto Gonzales, and another Hispanic and old Bush pal, US Ambassador to Mexico, Tony Garza(incidentially was endorsed by the National Council of la Raza, a group who consulted during the behind the closed doors draft this of amnesty bill). In 2005 Garza (Freepers) said that the Bush administration is against proposals to build a wall along the United States' entire southern border. Senator Mel Martinez heads the RCN...why?...Hispanic votes. Sorry Boys and Girls to be a Bushie you need to be Hispanic or a Gringo, well at least going forward you do. Bush went to Mexico in Feb 2001 to start with Amnesty 8 years ago had it not been for 911 would not have waited until the end of his Presidency to finish it. It is all on the site under speeches.

Vaya con Dios Amigos.


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