Monday, June 18, 2007

Al Qaeda Franchises flourish because Jihadist want to bring back the Caliphate!

 Walid Phares, a Christian born and educated in Lebanon knows the subject of Jihad well.  It was Professor Phares who taught me that introduced me to Salafism, Wahabism, Khomeinism and Jihadism and explained that inherent to them is this concept of the Caliphate.  The MSM and Liberals claim that we are less safe today because we Americans under Presidente Bush invaded Iraq and not the so called Al Qaeda independent franchise system has been spawned because of it.  Professor Phares explains that one of the most important objectives of al Qaeda, the Taliban, and the Salafi Jihadi networks around the world has been the re-establishment of a Caliphate  and incorporating in it all Arab and Muslim states. he indicates that the absence of understanding of the term Caliphate was the problem in education at US Universities in the 1990s. Professors in America unfortunately succeeded at "dis-educating" their students about the nature of the enemy by simply leaving out the term "Caliphate" of the curricula for Middle East Studies classes.  Journalists, authors and Liberal Professors treat the term Califate as if it denoted a mere historical period and not an aggressive political project of the Jihadists of the 21st century.  Phares states that:
"The "Caliphate" epitomizes all that the Jihadists are preparing for, working towards, and killing for. This word IS at the center of the War with Terrorism – it is not an obscure academic word as Miller and Philips would have us believe. The bringing back of the "Caliphate" is the chief reason why Osama Bin Laden, Ayman Zawahiri, Zarqawi, and Adam Gadahn have declared and waged a war against the people of the United States. Given its centrality to the Jihadist activities, the term must be treated seriously.
 Usama Bin laden the many troubling statements about "his" caliphate:
"Baghdad, the seat of the caliphate, will not fall to you, God willing," he said, "and we will fight you as long as we carry our guns." Bin Laden's rhetoric evoked, as it often does, an earlier, golden era of Islam, one that exists more in his imagination than in the lawless, crumbling city of Baghdad today."
Precisely, as I(Walid Phares) explain in my book Future Jihad, the Salafi Jihadists live in the past, borrow from the past but their bloody projects are in the present and loom over the future. When leaders, because of the mishaps of academics, respond to al Qaeda, they are sending a firm message: "This" Caliphate, which is against international law and the enemy of Muslim moderates as well, won't be allowed to crush the international community and democracies. But our media unfortunately are not interested in a smart and vigorous response to the terrorists, but only in what can be harvested domestically in partisan "debates." This article is telling us that Bush (or the 1990s' Clinton for that matter) or any future President shouldn't utter the word Caliphate, even if it has been absorbed by the modern days Jihadists and used in their mobilization campaign. As if in 1941, American Presidents would have been criticized for the use of "Third Reich" because "many centuries ago, the Reich was perceived as the German nation re-gathered." Puzzling, isn't it? " 
Read the entire article here.

In a word the restablishment of the a Caliphate is an Ideology! If Americans are ignorant of these concepts the Left will succeed in cutting of their noses or necks to spite our Conservative Faces!

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