Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Prayer for America the Great, may she remain so!

The September 11th 2001 World Trade Center and Pentagon Jihadoterrorists Attacks

As we observe the sixth solemn anniversary of America's recognition that we are fighting the Occidental's age old Nemesis of Islamacists conducted by Jihadoterrorists I can only pray for the families and souls of those 3000+ innocent souls killed on 911 and an almost equal number of America's bravest Patriots killed in action in Iraq and Afghanistan. After yesterdays vulgar conduct of American leaders facing General Petreaus, the Patton and Omar Bradley of our current age I can't help but reflect on the fact that there truly are "Two Americas" today! One America: The Clean Cut, articulate, competent, capable, accomplished, dutiful and respectful General(apparently Petraeus has never voted because he believes it is his duty to serve the President of the USA regardless of Party so better not to vote) represents our Military Soldiers selfless duty. Other America: Congress-persons Low-Red-duh Sand-head and Robber Wet-sir who represent the part of America who hates the first one and blames it for all the ills in the world and attacks it with the same scorn that the Jihadoterrorists and Islamacists do. Indeed "Politics makes strange bedfellows"! This second America remind me an out of shape, lip synching and ditsy Brittany Spears the other night at those stupid and inane Video Music Awards. All of the chafe that is America was there and sadly that chafe has found its way to our Nation's Capital. This Chafe represents the fat and undisciplined underbelly of America and our Culture. We must pray that the Holy Ghost bring America back to the Bearing of our Judeo-Christian founding principles which is the reason America became the World's Last Best Hope(to borrow from Bennett who quotes Lincoln). This War is a continuation of that which our European Forefathers fought in the Middle Ages and unless America experiences a Metanoia we will become the embodiment of the vulgar people at those Video Music Awards and an easy target for the fanatical and determined Jihadoterrroists.
May God Bless America by sending us his Holy Spirit to turn our hearts back to him and his ways. Otherwise I believe that America will go the way of the Biblical S & G but I take heart in the Story of Jonah and Nineveh....
Keep up the important work of True Journalism's in the New Media. I fell in Love with our amazing Military Soldiers through New Media after 911 on my Radio Dial and on the Intenet so like it is said in Spanish "Good can flourish from all even the most unimaginable horror!"
On this sixth Anniversary of 911 let us honor the innocent victims and brave American Soldier Heroes and may God Bless America our Sweet Earthly Home and save us and our progeny from our slothful underbelly wayward obliviousness and worse selves!

Dominus Vobiscum.


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