Monday, March 31, 2008

Obama scares me!

 I can't get over all the Obama audio segments Hugh Hewitt has played from his book Dreams of my Father played on the Hewitt show(see transcripts here).  They are deeply disturbing especially when you consider that Obama's ancestors were not slaves in America.  This is not his family's experience.  Perhaps there is "DNA like memory" for Michelle Obama but not Barack. The obsession with Race thing predates his life with Michelle.  Furthermore, he grew up in Hawaii a very Multicultural Island not the deep segregated South. Add to this the fact that the part of the family that nurtured and raised him was Caucasian and provided better schools than I went to in Ohio. Barack has been radicalized because of some unknown but deep seated psychological drive.  Perhaps he hates the African Blood coursing his veins and not the White blood like Malcolm X did.  However, he seems to project this prejudice onto Whites as a form of Displacement.  
This is reminiscent of Torquemada the 15th Century Spanish Grand Inquisitor of Jewish Converts.  He was especially hard on them and some think it was because he hated the Jewish Blood which coursed in his veins from his mother's family who was a 1st generation Catholic Convert.
Then consider that he told the guy who cut his hair that his grandfather was Muslim when asked if he was Muslim.  True, but his Father was Muslim(perhaps not a good one) and so was his Step-father.  Obama "converts" and becomes a "Christian"  but in a church where the hatred of America and Whites sounds a lot like the garbage the Islamists terrorists preach.  Why didn't he join the Southern Baptist or the more main line Church of Christ denomination?  Barack is not a good America at all. 

This reminds me of Taqia Deception thing which many Islamists  terrorist practice.  Either that or Obama hates Religion so he joins a Church that really is nominally Christian which exists under the guise of Religion.  His church is a Political organization which plays a powerful role in the the Black Reparation Movement fueled by the hateful and Anti-American philosophy of "Black Theology" .  Very strange indeed....this is worthy of Freudian Psychoanalysis.
Maybe I have over thought this but I'm just trying to figure out this strange candidate and a man of many inexplicable contradictions who wants to be President of the USA.

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