Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Difference between Abortion Advocate Obama and Planned Parent Hood Margaret Sanger

Barack Black Baby "Punishment" Obama has many Achilles heels as a Presidential Candidate.  Abortion is an his  Achilles heel that drips with the blood of a Black Generation that never will be. 17 million Black Babies never have seen the light of LIFE....never suckled at the at the breast of their mother.....were never held in the arms of their fathers.....and were never kissed by their loving grandmothers.  Human Saplings growing in the womb and those that survived an attempted abortion are crushed by Obama's misguided, ill construed Supreme Court decision legalizing it and now politically correct Woman's right to an Abortion of their Human Child.   Obama is a candidate who believes in income re-distribution and wants to take the People's money in the form of increased taxes to provide for all their needs but somehow he can not find the enough kindness and compassion to spend a penny of US Tax Payer's money to treat the Babies who survived the assault of an abortion. 
In 2001, three bills were proposed to help babies who survived induced labor abortions. One, like the federal Born Alive Infants bill, simply said a living "homo sapiens" wholly emerged from his mother should be treated as a "'person,' 'human being,' 'child' and 'individual.'"

On all three bills, Obama voted "present," effectively the same as a "no." Defining "a pre-viable fetus" that survived an abortion as a "person" or "child," he argued, "would essentially bar abortions, because the Equal Protection Clause does not allow somebody to kill a child, and if this is a child, then this would be an anti-abortion statute."
Read Terence Jeffrey who investigated Obama's push to kill Babies!

No, even though Obama's Black African father abandoned him did not treat him with the disdain that Obama would treat his own grandchild with. Obama would kill his progeny.   This Presidential Candidate would have his daughters abort his grandchild to avoid 'punishing' them for a 'mistake'. 
Does Obama realize that blacks abort 3 to 1 over whites?  This has decimated the Black Population.  Without 35 years of Abortions in the USA, the Black Population would number 65 to 80 million instead of ~34 million?  Planned Parenthood and Margaret Sanger are responsible for a "Black Genocide"!
There are many Non-Wright like Authentic Black Preachers who want to stop this.  Pro-Life black Preacher like
Rev. Will Ford, Jessen Lee PetersenDaniel Robinson

Bishop Daniel Robertson of Richmond's Mount Gilead Baptist Church hosted the First Annual Pastors for Life Conference. It is an idea he hopes will spread among black pastors.

Bishop Robertson said, "We really need to make a statement to the community that we believe the Bible: 'Thou shall not kill'."

But Robertson's church does more than just preach against abortion. For one thing, they encourage their members to consider adopting the unplanned children.

The Bishop added, "We go to the abortion clinics and tell people 'There are other alternatives.' To educate people: you don't have to do this."
He added, "And so we do have that ongoing ministry. And then, because our doors are open and because we preach the message of Jesus Christ, we do try to give people hope."  from Ted
or Clenard Childress of speak the truth about what abortion and it has decimated Black America. 

Childress further said the consequences of those figures will eventually end up destroying a whole race of Americans. Some say abortion is the number one killer in the black community. This is leading more and more African American churches to speak out and take a pro-life stand. From Ted
If not for abortion I would venture to say that with a vibrant population of over 65 millions Black Americans a Black President of the USA would already be a part of our History.  A President Obama would further the desires and diabolic eugenics beliefs of Margret Sanger.  A President Obama would hurt the very people he so forcefully claims to identify with.... Black America!  Will a President Obama would hurt all Americans...Black, White, Yellow, Red and Olive by his misbegotten support and cultivation of Infanticide inside and outside the womb for undoubted Abortions have kept many Martin Luther King Juniors, Booker T. Washington, Charles R. Drew, M.D.(inventor of Blood Banks, founder of the American Red Cross and pioneer of Blood Transfusions which have saved countless millions) from being born!  Obama has a huge LOG in HIS EYE and he is in effect a disciple Racist and Child hater Margret Sanger. 
There is no difference between Obama and Margaret Sanger for he is perpetuating her vision and killing people of his race and in particular potentially his own grandchild and my fellow Americans.... Black, Hispanic, Olive, Yellow, Red and White.  Obama has an ABORTION DEFICIT! He is not worthy of the "Highest Office in the Land"........

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