Monday, May 12, 2008

Obama is also a Citizen of Kenyan...Renounce it Mr. President Now!


Macdiarmid/Getty  Obama, top row, second from left, poses for a family portrait with his Kenyan relatives.
Obama should renounce his citizenship in Kenya!   Kenyan citizenship is determined by "Jus Sanguinis "(based on parentage)...
see: US State Department of State article entitled "Country Reports on Human Rights Practices" stated
at the end of this article).

Remember last February when it became apparent that McCain would win the GOP Nomination and the
New York Times dropped the bomb calling into question Senator John McCain's eligibility for the Presidency of the USA because he was born on a US Territory in Panama Canal Zone while his father, an officer in the US Navy, was stationed on a US Military Installation Naval Base in Panama Canal Zone...which was built by the USA? 


Now that it looks like Barack Obama will be the Democrat Party Nominee for the office of the President of the United States of America and given the question regarding McCain's eleligibility raised by the MSM.  Now it is time for Obama renounce any other citizenship.  Even though Obama did not ask for or apply for the citizenship in Kenya and being born in our country he is eleligible according to the US Constitution he should denounce his Kenyan Citizenship.  The spirit of the constitution is to protect the POTUS from having dual loyalties. Obama ought to make it clear that he will have no allegiance to any country but the Unioted States of America!
Many foreign countries grant citizenship to people whose parents or grandparents were born there and surprise surprise Kenya is one of those countries that does.  So does Ireland, Spain, India, 15 Latin American Countries and every major country whose nationals migrate to the U.S. now allows dual citizenship except for China, South Korea and Cuba(see Barry Newman's WSJ article 12/6/2006 posted here).   I think any President of the US should  make it clear that he will have no allegiance to any country but the US.

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., walked yesterday with his grandmother, Sarah Hussein Obama, at his father's house in Nyongoma Kogelo village, Kenya. Obama received a hero's welcome yesterday during an emotional family reunion in his late father's hometown. Honolulu Star Bulletin
"Under the Independence Constitution of Kenya, Obama became a Kenyan citizen on December 12, 1963. He has never renounced his Kenyan citizenship. On his senate web site, Obama tap dances around his own dual nationality when discussing his father. Obama obviously knows, because his father told him, that he also held/holds Kenyan nationality.

US Position on Dual Citizenship  "Jus  Sanguinse"

1. Citizenship by Birth: Citizenship is granted due to birth within the

country. The legal term for this is "jus solis." In most cases, there are few

stipulations on citizenship being granted. Birth in the country automatically

confers citizenship regardless of the parents' citizenship or status.

In the case of U.S. citizens born abroad in a country under the principle of jus solis,

the question arises as to whether the other citizenship continues after the child has

left the country of birth. For definitive answers to questions such as this, contact

the proper embassy or the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service.

2. Citizenship by Descent: Citizenship of a nation is passed on to a child

based upon at least one of the parents being a citizen of that nation,

regardless of the child's actual country of birth. The term for this is "jus


Though most countries adhere to the principle of citizenship by descent,

they differ on some factors (father's vs. mother's rights, citizenship of one or

both parents, the marital status of the parents, and others).

As a person reaches an age of maturity, continuing the condition of citizenship by

birth (jus solis) or citizenship by descent (jus sanguinis) may depend on factors

unique to the nation of that citizenship.

The Wall Street Journal recently wrote an article on Dual Citizenship.  Question is this good for America?  I do not think the POTUS should have divided loyalties! Why?  It is the highest office in the LAND!  "Allegiance" means that we promise loyalty. This allegiance represents that our loyalty will be exclusive and unrestrained and preclude any other interest especially to another country. Why? Because we are Americans and have gained our Independence from England and because America  and as Abraham Linclon said is the "Last Best Hope of Earth"! History has proved this clain as evodenced by our Civil Rights Movement, Abolish of Slavery and our defense of the World Democracy proves in War War I, WWII, Vietnam, Cold War, liberation of Kuwait and Iraq prove!  What about it Mr. Obama where is your Allegiance "Mr. President"?

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