Monday, May 05, 2008

Cheerleader Tim Russet pomp poms for Obama

Barack Obama got a  Hall Pass by the MSM's GOP Shark eater Tim Russert yesterday on Meet the Press.  Obama claimed he was committed to his Church and not the Reverend Wright.  Well Mr. Obama  why not explain your Church's Theology which is suspect and unlike that of any candidate to ever run for the Oval office.  Russert known for his hard hitting and penetrating questions plays Flag Football with Obama and will not go there.  Why?  The MSM is in the tank for Obama and he knew Obama could not explain his Religious beliefs and those of his Church. The not so Reverend Wright stabbed Obama in the back after Obama "white Washed" his Church's Black Liberation Theology which is Anti-American at its core yet the MSM gives him a flag football pass while not extending the same benefit of the doubt to the Mormon Mitt Romney nor the Catholic JFK on the Religion issue. Of any candidate to ever be so close to winning the White House, Obama's Religious beliefs are ones that could truly hurt America.  The MSM is so softball on this in point Russert/Obama on Meet the Press yesterday.  Wright's message is not one that "Unites" for it is a Vengeful and Un-Christian one and Obama has been its disciple for more than 20 years....Obama's campaign has nearly been derailed by his Preacher's own words and deliberately!  Pope John the XXXIII left JFK alone in 1960 even though he was not such a good Catholic and LDS President Hinckley kept out of National Politics with regard to Romney who in the past had been liberal on Abortion. For what reason did Reverend Wright nail Obama's campaign to the Cross of Black Liberation Theology?  According to Russert is was because his feelings were hurt by Barack Obama but why not ask if it was because Obama wasn't militant enough or devoted enough to his Churches Un-Christian teachings.  Russert is not Objective and neither is the MSM when it comes to their Candidates.  Timmy Russert should just put on a cheerleading outfit, jump up and down clapping with pomp poms next time he interviews a President wannabe Obama
Keys to victory
Nov. 3: NBC News  Washington bureau chief Tim Russert cheers for President-Elect & Black Liberation Theology Candidate Barack Obama!


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